Tuesday , 17 May 2022

What the Experts See Coming in 2022

We have analyzed 300+ articles, whitepapers, podcasts and interviews to create a big picture look at what experts predict could unfold in 2022.
Experts are merely guessing at what will happen over the coming year so why should we pay any attention to predictions at all? Well, for one, these guesses are backed by expertise and experience, so the accompanying analysis is informative. Perhaps more importantly though, influential people and companies are in a position to shape the future with their predictions. In some cases, sentiment and actions can turn a prediction into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Based on the hundreds of predictions we analyzed, the general mood can be described as cautiously optimistic:

  • the global economy will likely keep growing, but not at the rate it did in 2021,
  • monetary policy will begin to tighten over the next 12 months,
  • an era of lower equity returns and increased volatility will continue as many of the issues that plagued 2021 have carried over into 2022,
  • technological disruptions will continues to reshape industries,
  • climate change and cybersecurity issues will continue to be top of mind,
  • geopolitical tensions will heat up as well, now that countries have acclimated to the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic,
  • China will have a rocky start to 2022 with pessimism around China’s zero-COVID strategy, uncertainty around power shortages, a potential housing crisis, and regulatory crackdowns, and if the country is still on uncertain footing when the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Party Congress meets later in the year, , it could create a tense political atmosphere in Beijing,
  • the labor shortages that emerged during the pandemic will remain in place in 2022 and beyond, companies that don’t offer flexibility will face a disadvantage in attracting talent and individuals will look to the internet and social media for careers beyond simply working for a company,
  • we’ll be hearing a lot more about NFTs and Web3 with the prospects of the burgeoning “Creator Economy” – a catch-all term describing the new technological ecosystem and growing infrastructure – allowing individual content creators to monetize and flourish,
  • the ability to purchase products straight from influencers is becoming more common on major social platforms, and ecommerce companies are creating more products to support influencers in their marketing endeavors
  • experts expect higher-than-normal inflation levels to continue see it leveling off (relative to 2021) as supply chain disruptions work themselves out,
  • regulatory actions will force automakers to consider the future of their fossil-fuel models as EV sales set new records and the electrification of fleets will gather momentum,
  • industrial and battery metals like lithium and cobalt will continue to surge into 2022.

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