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Below are introductory paragraphs to a variety of articles for your reading pleasure:

On the Economy (Archives)

1. Choose 2016 Presidential Candidates Who Would Take These 6 Actions to Restore Economic Growth & Prosperity In America

The dismal news of 0.2% GDP growth for the first quarter only confirmed that the U.S. is in the midst of its slowest recovery in half a century from an economic crisis – Our view is that the primary factors behind the growth slowdown are an increasingly intrusive regulatory environment, a confusing and punitive tax scheme, and lack of certainty over healthcare costs. Here some recommended solutions.

2. Currency Wars: Here’s What They’re Really All About

A currency war is a battle, supposedly an economic policy to cheapen a country’s currency compared to that of others, to promote exports but the real reason, the one that’s less talked about, is that countries actually want to import inflation – a way of creating monetary ease and importing inflation. Let me explain.

On Gold & Silver (Archives)

1. “What If” Scenarios For Gold In the Coming Years

Those in control will not allow the gold price to reach $18,000 an ounce where the 18,000 DOW sits today, but the DOW could drop 90%, as it did in 1929, to 1800 and gold rise to $1,800 an ounce! Could one accept the very real possibility that the DOW will unhinge by 50%…and gold rise to $9,000 an ounce? Look at these historical DOW to GOLD ratios.

2. Noonan: Why Buy Gold & Silver? Here’s Why

Here’s the best reason to buy and hold gold and silver, at any price, and especially at these artificially suppressed prices.

On Financial Matters (Archives)

1. These Key Traits Could Make You “Filthy” Rich

Understanding how personal traits can influence your finances is an essential ingredient for building wealth. Do you have the 10 key traits to become rich let alone very, very rich?

2. Financially Most Americans Are Totally Unprepared – What About You?

It’s up to the concerned and critical-thinking among us to look at the math, the hard data underlying the headlines, and construct what we can best calculate to be true about our current personal financial level of (un)readiness for the future and the truth is that there are 3 adult generations in the U.S. are experiencing a squeeze that is making it harder to create value, save capital, and pursue happiness than at any point since WWII. Let’s walk through the numbers.

On Investing (Archives)

1. The 2nd Stage Of “The Money Illusion Ruse” Is Upon Us – Act Now to Protect Your Wealth

Money illusion is a longstanding concept in economics that has enormous significance for you if you’re a saver, investor or entrepreneur. Money illusion is a ruse performed by central banks that can distort the economy and destroy your wealth. Let me explain.

2. The “Gone Fishin’” Portfolio Is the Ultimate Investment Approach! Here’s Why

I can’t predict the future, and neither can you. That’s why I created the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio. It’s breathtakingly simple, works like a charm and has beaten the S&P 500 every year, while taking much less risk than being fully invested in stocks.

Miscellaneous Articles (Archives)

1. The World’s BEST Financial Satire – Bar None – Is Right Here

How often do you come across an individual who is uniquely qualified, and sufficiently talented, to present insights into the central banking systems of the world and other financial matters in such a way that it puts a broad smile on your face? David Hague is one such man. Hague’s reports as to what is happening in the world of finance today makes for the most insightful, intriguing and amusing “take” on the world of funny money. Enjoy the summary of his “articles” below.

2. Some Priceless Employee Performance Evaluation Quips to Use Next Time

“Since my last evaluation this employee has hit rock bottom and has started to dig”, “He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.” and 30 other “actual” descriptive employee performance evaluations. Share them at the office to lightened things up.

Totally Off Topic! (Archives)

1. Going Topless Is Legal In These U.S. States & Canadian Provinces

Going topless for both men and women has come a long way over the last 77 years but still has much further to go as the map of the U.S. below illustrates.

2. Give Up These 15 Things & Your Life Will Become the Absolute Best It Can Possibly Be

This site is devoted to enlightening oneself regarding the economy, the markets and investment options to strengthen one’s financial well being. That being said, occasionally I think a meaningful site should share other ways to improve one’s life to make it the absolute best it can possibly be – and this is one such article. Read it, reflect on it, implement its words of wisdom and pass it on to your contact list (and tape it on your refrigerator as a constant reminder). It deserves to be shared!