Monday , 2 October 2023

What, Me Worry? 7 Facts That Will Free You From the Fear Of A Stock Market Crash

The current bull market in stocks is closing in on an astounding 10 years in length, making it the longest bull market run in all of modern history and, understandably, this makes many people very nervous. This article presents 7 indisputable facts about market crashes, using clear patterns established over decades…By understanding these seven facts, you’ll be able to prepare for the recurring seasons of the financial market, including winter, and it will help give you an enormous edge over even many sophisticated and experienced investors.

Here are the 7 facts that will free you from a fear of stock market crashes:

  1. On average, corrections happen once per year
  2. Fewer than 20% of all corrections turn into a bear market
  3. Nobody can predict consistently whether the market will rise or fall
  4. The market has always risen, despite short-term setbacks
  5. Historically, bear markets have happened every three to five years
  6.  Bear markets become bull markets
  7. The greatest danger is being out of the market

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