Wednesday , 24 July 2024

Use Of Cash Gradually Being Eliminated – Here’s How & Why

…Governments all over the world are putting restrictions in place on theeconomy-money use of cash – for your safety, of course – but what is the true aim of the War on Cash?

Our rulers tell ‘we the serfs’ that the suppression of cash is to keep us safe from terrorists like ISIS…, tax evaders…, drug cartels…, and villainous two-legged creatures who expect to be treated like adults. Of course, that’s the “official” aim, according to the Tower of Babble but as we both know, the “official” aim is never, actually, the true aim.

The true aim of the War on Cash is to force everyone to operate within the rigged and bugged system. Face it, we are Big Brother’s milk cows and he expects little more from us than to chew the genetically modified cud like good bovine.

Treating us like cattle, however, is only one aspect of the War on Cash.

“Other reasons for suppressing cash,” Joseph Salerno from The Mises Institute adds, “are:

  1. to prop up the unstable fractional reserve banking system, which is in a state of collapse all over the world, and
  2. to give central banks the power to impose negative nominal interest rates. That is, to make you spend money by subtracting money from your bank account for every day you leave it in the bank account and don’t spend it.”

We’re nearing a point where, if you happen to decide to use cash one day, you’re immediately engaged in “suspicious activity”. It’s already happening in other countries.

  • France, as a result of this absurd notion, just banned any cash transaction over €1,000 euros,
  • Spain has banned cash transactions over €2,500,
  • Uruguay has banned cash transactions over $5,000, and
  • Greece is about to impose a charge for all bank withdrawals

and those restrictions, plus many more just like it, are coming to a bank near you.

That’s why it’s crucial you start getting a good chunk of your money out of the current Bankster-run financial system and you need to avoid, as much as you can, the biggest digital currency scam known to man — the Federal Reserve “Note”.

To shed more light on this, we’ve invited Simon Black of Sovereign Man to the show.

**”The ‘money’ in your savings account isn’t really yours.You don’t actually have any savings. What you really have is a claim on your bank’s savings. Your account is just an entry in the liability column of their digital ledger. When you make a deposit, you’re trading your money for a banker’s promise to repay you and there are countless regulations giving them the authority to break that promise. (If you want to test this premise, try withdrawing $25,000 just to see how your bank reacts.)

That’s the system that controls your wealth today. It’s almost entirely digital, and it’s run by unelected bureaucrats whose interests are not aligned with your own. This is not a free system and any rational person should consider parking at least a rainy day fund outside of this system.

  • Bitcoin is certainly one option. No one controls it, which is a novel concept in an era when governments and central banks control everything from the value of your savings to what you can/cannot put in your own body.
  • Gold and silver still have incredible merit since they cannot be conjured out of thin air by central banks.
  • Even holding physical cash is a much better alternative than keeping everything inside a highly centralized banking system.”
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