Thursday , 25 July 2024

Update: Gold & Silver to Drop to $1,675 & $30.50 by End of 2012 Before Going to $3,950 & $117 by End of 2013!

My previous article on gold & silver (see here) went viral with almost 30,000 reads on alone and continues to be read by hundreds of goldbugs daily. Below is an updated chart and analysis suggesting that gold & silver have further to drop before they go parabolic. Take a look and share it with friends.

So says Juan Eduardo Morales Veas ( in edited excerpts from his original submission to (Your Key to Making Money!).

Veas goes on to say, in part:

My previous article (see here) suggested that, before going parabolic, the price of gold and silver would collapse to US$1,380.00/ozt and US$18.00/ozt respectively. Fortunately, with the additional quantitative easing in the meantime, those decline outlooks have now been revised upwards to a more modest US$1,675.00/ozt. and US$30.50 respectively –  in the next two months – before making a parabolic rally to US$3,950.00 and US$117.00 respectively in the last quarter of 2013!

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Below are two charts of how I see the gold and silver, in the next while.