Friday , 21 June 2024

This Indicator at a Crossroads As to Direction of Future Global Growth

The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite (SSEC) index is at a crucial crossroads with serious implications as to whether or not slower global growth is at hand. Take a look at where it currently is and continue to watch closely in the days ahead.

So says Chris Kimble ( in edited excerpts from his post* entitled Shanghai index forming a very bullish pattern?

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Kimble goes on to say, in part:

The 18-month decline in the Shanghai index [see chart below] brought it down to the six-year support line (1) recently. While at this line the index might be forming a “Bullish inverse Head & Shoulders” pattern at (2), the global growth picture would benefit “IF” this pattern read is correct!


The worlds markets NEED the SSEC index to push higher from here.  A break of support line (1) would reflect that the bullish pattern failed and send a signal that slower global growth is at hand!


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