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Travelling Around the U.S.? Don’t Break Any of These 13 Strange Laws

On first glance, many travellers may think that Canada and the United StatesUS-Flag are quite similar but what is legal north of the 49th parallel, might land you with a hefty fine or a jail term in America. Here are 13 unique laws that could trip you up during a visit to the U.S..

So writes Jackie Middleton ( in edited excerpts from the original article* entitled 13 Strange U.S. Laws Canadians Should Know.

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Middleton goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Here are 13 unique laws that could trip you up during a visit to the US. Remember, you’re not at home!

1. Watch What You Wear in Georgia

By all appearances, it seems that the lawmakers of Albany, Georgia fancy themselves as the fashion police. If your low-slung pants (or skirts, ladies) sit three inches or more below your hips, displaying your underwear or skin, be prepared to cough up a $25 fine. Do it again, and your clothes won’t be the only saggy sight – your wallet’s balance will plummet by $200, too. Pull up your pants; keep your cash.

2. Sip it Slowly in Texas

It’s a good thing that Texas doesn’t celebrate Canada’s beloved May 2-4 weekend. Their jail cells would be packed to the rafters! In Texas, it’s illegal to sip your beer more than three consecutive times while standing. Texas is home to several strict alcohol consumption laws, so drink carefully while carousing in the Lone Star state.

3. Choose Your Shoes Wisely in Cleveland

Who knew that your choice of footwear could cost you big bucks. In Cleveland, Ohio it’s forbidden for women to don patent leather shoes. The reason? The shiny leather could possibly reflect a woman’s – ahem – underwear or private parts for all to see. Canadian fashionistas, take note when selecting your wardrobe’s accessories.

4. Treacherous Tickling in Virginia

The fun police are out in full force in Virginia. Here it’s illegal to tickle a female. Tickling Elmo is okay.

5. Mind Your Own Plate in Oklahoma

Polite Canadians who like to share their meals should be advised to stick to their own plates while visiting Oklahoma. In this state, it’s illegal to take a bite out of someone else’s hamburger.

6. Check Your Legs in New Mexico

Ladies, mind your personal grooming if you plan to visit Carrizozo, New Mexico. It’s against the law for females to appear in public unshaven.

7. Sleep Barefoot in North Dakota

If you’re feeling sleepy in North Dakota, be sure to remove your shoes before dozing off. It’s against the law to lie down and catch some zzzs while wearing footwear.

8. Deep Doggy Doo-Doo in Vegas

If you want to walk your dog in Las Vegas, you have to be an early riser. In March 2012, the Clark County Commission approved an ordinance banning dogs from the famous Las Vegas Strip. It’s only permissible to walk Fido between the hours of five in the morning and noon.  It appears that in this desert oasis, your cash is welcome, but your canine is not.

9. Keep It To Yourself in New Hampshire

Lost in music? Be careful when dining in New Hampshire. It’s unlawful to tap your feet, or bob your head in time with music in this state’s restaurants and cafes.

10. No Singing in the Sand in Florida

Canadian bathing beauties frequenting Florida take note – literally. It’s illegal to sing aloud in public while wearing a bathing suit.

11. No Press for the Easter Bunny in Wyoming

It might be safer to celebrate Easter back home in Canada. In Wyoming, it’s illegal to snap a picture of a rabbit between the months of January to April unless you pack a permit. What would the Easter Bunny say?

12. Indiana a.k.a Vampire Central

Forget about dinner and a movie. If you eat garlic in Indiana, don’t leave the hotel for at least four hours. If you head out to catch a streetcar, theatre performance or a movie within four hours of consuming garlic, you could be entertaining a fine.

13. Flirt-free Zone in NY

Start spreading the news! Flirting is illegal in New York City. This old law – still in effect in the Big Apple – states that if a man looks “at a woman in that way,” he could be levied with a $25 fine. If he is a repeat flirting offender, he must don a pair of horse-blinders when he’s out in the city. In Little Rock, Arkansas, the punishment is even worse. Get caught lustfully looking at a female, and you could be thrown in jail for 30 days. Canadian males, flirt at your own peril!

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