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Today’s BEST Financial Articles Are HERE – Check Them Out

Each and every day of the year I review hundreds of financial articles looking for the very few thatLorimer-Wilson are succinct, informative, thought-provoking  and well written and bring them to my readers in a Market Intelligence Report. Most of the articles are edited, abridged and enhanced to ensure a fast and easy read.

Below are today’s best:


Buying A House Today Will Turn Out To Be A Ruinous Experience In 5 Years Time – Here’s Why
The world will soon realise that all the assets that have been inflated to bubble levels will lose most of their value. Indeed, if we look at what could happen to house prices in real money (gold), the risk is such that buying a house today is likely to be a very costly and perhaps ruining experience.
Are These Energy Stocks Set To Expand Exploration Activities?
The TSX energy stocks on our list today were all able to increase their Net Asset Value (NAV) by an average of 34% over the last fiscal year and, with positive net working capital over the past 12 months to handle their day to day operations, they could be in a position to focus on raising capital for exploration purposes.
Cut Your Losses Now! Gold Could Shed $200 In Just 1 Day – and Eventually Drop to $700/ozt
The next stop for gold, coming from strong support in the 2008 mini-crash, is around $700 and it looks like this move is already well into motion!
TODAY Could Be the Pin That Pricks This Financial Bubble
You only have a short window to short some of these banks’ stocks because, on December 4, Italy is voting on a crucial referendum. It’s almost certain to fail – and that will probably be the pin that pricks this super bubble.
5 Red Flags of Imminent Economic Collapse
These 5 red flags will give you anywhere from a few days to a few months of warning that things are about to change drastically…and well before those around you grasp the full extent of what is going on. This is hopefully a scenario that never happens as this will truly be the end of the world as you knew it.

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