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These Major U.S. Companies On Verge Of Collapse (+5K Views)

Lots of iconic brands have filed for bankruptcy recently. Some blamed weak consumer demand, others pointed to rising commodity costs and pension demands. In any case, you can count on many more companies to follow suit. Here is a list of the 17 largest companies with the greatest probability of financial distress. Words: 571

So say Gus Lubin and Jana Kasperkevic ( in edited excerpts from their original article*.

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They go on to say, in part:

1. Caesars Entertainment – the world’s largest casino entertainment company

Caesars Entertainment


Financial distress probability: 7.28% (calculation by GovernanceMetrics International); Total assets: $28.9 billion

2. Clearwire (CLWR) – a wireless internet service provider

Clearwire (CLWR)

Financial distress probability: 9.54%; Total assets: $8.8 billion

3. McClatchy (MNI) – the third-largest newspaper company in the U.S.

McClatchy (MNI)


Financial distress probability: 10.16%; Total assets: $3.0 billion

4. AK Steel Holding (AKS:US) – formerly Armco

AK Steel Holding (AKS:US)


Financial distress probability: 10.98%; Total assets: $4.58 billion

5. Republic Airway Holdings (RJET) –  an Indiana company that owns Chautauqua Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America

Republic Airway Holdings (RJET)


Financial distress probability: 11.12%; Total assets: $4.2 billion

6. Tennessee Valley Authority – electricity provider to nine million people in the southeast

Tennessee Valley Authority


Financial distress probability: 11.82%; Total assets: $46.39 billion

7. Office Depot (ODP) – a global supplier of office products and services

Office Depot (ODP)
Financial distress probability: 11.90%; Total assets: $4.2 billion

8. Barnes & Noble (BKS) – book retailer

Barnes & Noble (BKS)


Financial distress probability: 12.05%; Total assets: $4.1 billion

9. Standard Pacific (SPF) – a builder of single-family homes

Standard Pacific (SPF)


Financial distress probability: 13.35%; Total assets: $2.2 billion

10. Dynegy (DYN) – a producer/retailer of electric energy, capacity and ancillary services

Dynegy (DYN)


Financial distress probability: 13.93%; Total assets: $11.1 billion

11. Talbots (TLB) – womens clothing and accessories retailer

Talbots (TLB)


Financial distress probability: 14.86%; Total assets: $0.7 billion

12. KB Home (KBH) – America’s fifth-largest homebuilder

KB Home (KBH)


Financial distress probability: 15.52%; Total assets: $2.7 billion

13. United States Postal Service – mail/package delivery

Unites States Postal Service


Financial distress probability: 17.30%; Total assets: $23.4 billion

14. Thomas Cook Group (TCG:LN) – travel agency

Thomas Cook Group (TCG:LN)


Financial distress probability: 17.94%; Total assets: $10.43 billion

15. Air France (AF:FP) – France’s national airline

Air France (AF:FP)


Financial distress probability: 18.99%; Total assets: $37.1 billion

16. Imperial Sugar (IPSU) – processor and marketer of refined sugar

Imperial Sugar (IPSU)


Financial distress probability: 20.37%; Total assets: $0.5 billion

17. Dendreon (DNDN) – a biotechnology company and developer/producer/distributor of prostate cancer vaccine Provenge

Dendreon (DNDN)
Financial distress probability: 30.62%; Market cap: $0.9 billion


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