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These Countries Are The World’s Poorest (+2K Views)

19 of the 23 poorest countries in the world are located in Africa. The foreign-policy DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is the poorest with its citizens earning on average $394.25 a year (compared with Qatar where people earn an average of $105,091.42 a year). Afghanistan is the first non-African country (10th place) and also the first country where the average annual income passes the $1,000 threshold ($1072.19). HERE‘s the complete list.

The above edited excerpts, and the copy below, are from an article* by Barbara Tasch (businessinsider.com) originally entitled The 23 poorest countries in the worldwhich can be seen in its entirety HERE.

Based on data from the IMF, Global Finance Magazine ranked the world’s countries according to their GDP per capita (and on a Purchasing Power Parity basis to take into account living cost and inflation rates in order to compare living standards between different nations) and determined the following poorest ones. (Some small territories, such as Liechtenstein, Nauru, Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra were not included in the study.)

Here is the list of the 23 poorest countries in the world (and here’s the full study):

23 poorest countries in the world


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