Monday , 2 October 2023

These 4 Companies Are Capitalizing On the Work-From-Home Practice

…[According to] new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the work-from-home practice has almost tripled since the coronavirus outbreak… (from 14% to 45%)…[and] many organizations predict that work-from-home employees will remain a large part of the disparate workforce even after the pandemic. [This is expected to help the following 4 stocks realize significant earnings growth and resultant major gains in their stock prices.]

…Demand for PCs, internet with strong connectivity, video conferring apps, laptops, tablets, and other peripherals will only grow in such a situation….

  1. Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
    • …Zoom uses AI to schedule video meetings and for a host of other things such as organizing attendee details and transcripting details.
    • The company’s expected earnings growth rate for the current year is more than 100%…[and has] a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).
  2. Lenovo Group Ltd. 
    • Lenovo is dedicated to building PCs and mobile internet devices…
    • The company’s expected earnings growth rate for the current year is 37.6%…[and] has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy).
  3., Inc.
    • Salesforce acquired Bonobo AI, a firm using automated analysis of customer phone calls, texts, and chats to deliver actionable insights…[which] fits perfectly with Salesforce Einstein, the company’s AI-powered software that uses data to identify previously unseen business patterns, deliver the hottest sales leads, predict which marketing copy will perform best, and generally optimize how businesses operate and convert.
    • The company’s expected earnings growth rate for the current year is 25.1%…[and] carries a Zacks Rank #1.
  4. Blackbaud, Inc. 
    • Blackbaud is a leading cloud software company working for social causes. The company combines technology and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions.
    • The company’s expected earnings growth rate for the current year is 24.6%…[and] has a Zacks Rank #2.
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