Thursday , 23 May 2024

These 20 NFL Teams Are Among the 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams In the World

Every year, Forbes analyzes the sports world to produce a list of the 50NFL most valuable sports teams in the world. This year’s list includes 20 NFL teams, 12 MLB teams, 10 NBA teams, 7 soccer teams, 1 NHL team, and 1 racing team (Formula One) worth, on average, $1.75 billion each, which is up 31% from 2014.

Why are sports teams more valuable these days? Forbes notes that leagues and teams are signing more lucrative television deals, with live sports being an important draw in the world of PVRs and streaming. The NFL, for example, split a massive $7.24 billion in revenue with all 32 teams last season. Each team received a hefty $226.4 million, mostly from television deals.

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