Wednesday , 21 February 2024

These 15 World Maps Cover All The Bases – Check Them Out

Nothing explains the world more elegantly than a map and, in that spirit, we’ve compiled the 15 most excellent, unusual, and just cool maps that we’ve recently come across. They cover all the bases: economics, politics, culture, immigration…and some fun stuff too. Take a look. Words: 345

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Below is an outline of each map and a link to it:
1. Worldwide Oil Import And Export Flows: Saudi Arabia is the biggest hub still. Next up is Indonesia. [See map here]
2. Countries exposed to China: Australia would get whacked in a hard landing. Everyone else would get hurt too. [See map here]
3. World Mobile Phone Usage: The BRICs continue to grow, at least by this measure. [See map here]
4. World Population By Latitude: 90% of the world lives in the northern hemisphere. [See map here]
5. Germany’s View of Europe: Utilitarian. [See map here]
6. Greece’s View Of Europe: Resentful. [See map here]
7. The Cost Of Shipping 1 Lb. Of Goods Around The World: The Eurocrisis has decimated the Industry. [See map here]
8. Countries Most At Risk From Climate Change: Africa is in the danger zone. [See map here]
9. The New Silk Road: The ‘Stans’ have become a major freight hub for the East. [See map here]
10. The Suez Canal: Without it, northern Europe would wilt. [See map here]
11. US Military Bases In The Middle East: The number has exploded over the past decade. [See map here]
12. World Bribery Map: Africa improving, Europe not so much. [See map here]
13. Facebook Users: Slowly but surely, the non-Anglophone world catches up. [See map here]
14. World Population Proportional Cartogram: The East dominates. [See map here]
15. World Debt Levels Proportional Cartogram: The map shifts westward. [See map here]
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