Monday , 11 December 2023

These 10 Articles Will Help You Better Protect & Strengthen Your Investment Portfolio – Take a Look

We are inundated daily with a great deal of economic noise and self-serving investment advice so just what is of any real merit? I review 100s of articles every week in my effort to find the “best-of-the-best” for posting on my site and offer below 10 articles with truly insightful, unbiased analysis, information and advice. Your time (and that of your financial advisor) would be well spent carefully evaluating the content of these articles and possibly implementing some aspects of such advice. Enjoy – and prosper! 

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) and (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds).

We need all the market intelligence we can access and the 10 articles below, I would think, should provide a greater understanding as to how to better protect, and strengthen, your investment portfolio from the ravages of the current and near-term marketplace.

1. Goldman Sachs’ Thoughts, Outlooks, Strategies & Picks for 2013


Goldman Sachs has been out with a number of reports in recent weeks highlighting their positioning for 2013. While it’s important to keep in mind that these kinds of reports are no holy grail… it is always good for brain storming and, after all, it’s not like Goldman Sachs is a bunch of dummies.

2. Here’s Some Quality Advice on How to Navigate the Markets & Protect Your Wealth During the Next 4 Years


The U.S. has reached a Debt to GDP ratio of over 100%. Indeed, at no point in history has the U.S. had this much debt during peacetime – and the fact that we’re overspending by this amount at the exact time that other countries are showing signs of shunning US Treasuries is a formula for disaster. With that in mind, it is highly likely that the U.S. will enter at the very minimum a debt crisis and quite possibly a currency crisis during the Obama administration’s second term. [Such being the case,] now, more than ever, investors need to get access to high quality guidance and insights [and this article does just that] to help you navigate the markets and protect your wealth. Words: 964

3. Grantham’s Advice: Allocate 30% to Resources (15% in Forestry, 5% in Efficiency Investments, 10% in “Stuff in the Ground” – Here’s Why


The biggest danger to our society will be food prices and food costs….Productivity of grains has fallen to 1.2% per year which matches population growth exactly leaving society with no safety margin. [In addition,] there is a coming shortage of two fertilizers which occur exclusively in nature…so once the supply is gone, it’s gone forever – and this can only mean that commodity prices are going higher – much higher. Words: 585

4. Investors, Get Fully Invested! S&P 500 On Verge of Entering Euphoria Stage of Cyclical Bull Market


[In spite of all that is seemingly wrong with the U.S. economy] I think we are on the verge of entering the euphoria stage of this cyclical bull market where traders become convinced that QE3 is a magic elexir with no unintended consequesnces. [As such,] I see a strong acceleration and a significant and sustained breakout above the S&P 500 September high of 1475. (Words: 264 + 3 charts)

5. LAST CHANCE to Buy Gold/Silver/PM Stocks At Low Prices – BIG Moves Coming In December, January & February

gold and currencies

What is developing in the markets is not the beginning of  another leg down in gold, but a second chance to get positioned for what should be a  very profitable intermediate degree rally over the next 2-3 months. [Let me explain further with a number of charts to support my position.] Words: 460

6. Here’s Another Clue to Future Direction of S&P 500


Heard about the “Fiscal Cliff” lately?  How many times have you heard it mentioned in the last few hours? Is the media coverage about the “Fiscal Cliff” causing investors to look or focus in the wrong direction for clues to the market’s next significiant move?

7. Dr. Nu Yu: S&P 500 Charts Showing “3 Peaks & a Domed House” Formation Suggest a Swift Advance to the “First Floor” Phase at…


The S&P 500 formed a three-peak pattern inside the trading range from September to October and is now at the beginning of a “Three Peaks and a Domed House” formation. The current swift advance of the SPX could reach the level of 1460 to re-test the previous high. Let’s take a look at some charts. Words: 255

8. Where Will S&P 500 Be At End 2012? Here Are the Forecasts & Probabilities


This article compares the 2012 year-end price forecasts for the S&P 500 from leading research sources with where the index is today, what various statistically generated price probabilities say about the year-end price [and, as such, how we plan to allocate our assets in the interim.] Words: 1445

9. Goldman Sachs: The Fiscal Cliff Is a Real & Present Danger to Future Level of S&P 500 – Here’s Why

fiscal cliff

“Portfolio managers have been swayed by hope over experience” when it comes to anticipating the effects the fiscal cliff will have on markets. Investors aren’t giving as much attention to the fiscal cliff as they should be, and that may be helping to set the markets up for a repeat of last year, when the debt ceiling negotiations sent stocks plummeting.

10. The Fiscal Cliff: What We Think Will Happen and What Investors Should Do

fiscal cliff

Unless the government acts quickly, it is probable that the term “fiscal cliff” will become a household phrase over the next few months. Unfortunately, this is reminiscent of the budget ceiling crisis about a year ago. In this report we will explain what the cliff is, discuss the worst case scenario, and determine what, if anything, you should do about it. Words: 1436

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