Tuesday , 21 May 2024

There Are 6 Different Types of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs – Which Type Are You? (+2K Views)

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes…The most successful ones, however, can be grouped into 6 different personality profiles…[as illustrated in the infographic below. If you’re an entrepreneur, then] which type…are you? Apply to www.fi.co/join/dna and discover your entrepreneurial strengths.

The world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs, Founder Institute, has worked with top social scientists to test over 30,000 entrepreneurs in correlating their working styles with the real-world results of thousands of companies…[and found that] the most successful ones can be grouped into six different personality profiles with certain traits in common.

Entrepreneur (Infographic)
Disclosure: The original article, from entrepreneur.com & fi.co, was edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) by the editorial team at munKNEE.com (Your Key to Making Money!) to provide a fast and easy read.
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