Monday , 29 May 2023

The State of Household Debt in America

Debt has risen on all fronts to unprecedented levels…and now accounts for $52 trillion in the USA of which American household indebtedness amounted to an average of $118,000 per household in 2020. That’s a big bill to pay. Here’s how the various forms of U.S. household debt compare…

Growing household debt in America

Type of Debt 2003 (in trillions) 2020 (in trillions) % Growth
Mortgage $4.94 $10.04 +103%
Home Equity Revolving $0.24 $0.35 +45%
Auto Loan $0.64 $1.37 +137%
Credit Card $0.69 $0.82 +18%
Student Loan $0.24 $1.56 +550%
Other $0.48 $0.42 -12%
Total $7.23 $14.46 100%

Mortgage Debt

…A fundamental driver of mortgage activity is interest rates. Given the two variables tend to have an inverse relationship with one another, interest rates have a big impact on the affordability of housing. As long as U.S. interest rates remain near 200-year lows, its likely mortgages will maintain at elevated levels.

Student Loans

…Student debt is the fastest growing as a percentage, having shot up 550% from 2003 to 2020.

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