Tuesday , 21 May 2024

The Oscars – Worth Their Weight in Gold? (+2K Views)

Studios spend millions trying to get their hands on at least one Oscar every year, but how much value do they really bring? As we all dream in gold, we’ve spent some time thinking about the golden Oscars, asking just how golden they are and how they hold up when compared to gold itself.

The comments above & below are edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) excerpts from the original article by GoldCore.com/us.

What is an Oscar?

Designed by George Stanley, the Oscar…shows a knight standing with a reel of film, clutching his sword. There are five spokes on the base, one representing each branch of the Academy: actors, directors, producers, writers and technicians…

The Monetary Worth Of An Oscar

The awards weigh around 8.7 pounds, and are made from Britannia metal or Britannium (an alloy consisting of approximately 92% tin, 6% antimony and 2% copper) and plated in copper, nickel and silver, and on the top layer is 24-karat gold…[amounting] to just 0.38 microns (one-two hundredth of the thickness of a human hair). [As such,] this year’s statues…have a monetary worth of $629 each, demonstrating just how little gold Oscar is wearing…

The Monetary Worth Of An All-gold Oscar

What if Hollywood had really wanted to show its stars how much they valued them? What if the dreams of gold really came true and the Oscar was made of solid gold?

At 8.7 lb, the statue in its current form is equivalent to 126.9 troy ounces…Assuming that we are working with 24 karat gold with a density of 19.282 g/cm3, then research tells us that the cubic centimetres of this much tin is around 531.25, and it would take nearly 22.6 pounds of gold to fill it. This means a solid gold Oscar would weigh around 330 troy ounces and at today’s price would be worth around $408,210US (nearly €400k & £330k) – a significant uptick from last year’s which were worth around $382,000 each.

Had actors and actresses received solid gold Oscars nearly 30 years ago, in 1991, then they would have seen a climb in value of over 3 times over. Not bad for a few months’ work on a film and not a bad return on any investment…


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