Tuesday , 21 March 2023

The Financial Health & Price Performances of 8 Stock Categories

Below are links to exclusive articles I have written for TalkMarkets.com on the financial well-being and stock performances of 8 market sectors as tracked in various stock indices in the past two weeks. Enjoy!

By Lorimer Wilson, Managing Editor of munKNEE.com as well as a frequent contributor to eResearch.com, USfinancePOST.com, Bitgrum.com and TalkMarkets.com.

1. The 13 Largest American Cannabis MSOs: A Financial Assessment This article tracks the performance of the 13 constituents as of July 22nd. Twelve had a good week. None, so far, have had a good YTD. Views: 1056

A look at the five largest vertically integrated (i.e. seed-to-sale) LPs’ performances this week, in the last 7 weeks, and YTD.
Views: 1425
A look at the stock performances of the 8 largest clinical-stage companies involved in the research and development of psychedelic compound-based drugs.
Views: 1037
We track the performance of the 7 largest companies that provide goods and/or services to American cannabis MSOs and Canadian LPs for the week ending July 15th, since the end of May and YTD, plus 6 financial metrics for each constituent.
Views: 1126
We take a look at the financial health of each of six index constituents – how well the company is being managed and the extent to which the company is over- or under-valued compared to its peers.
Views: 1104
Our Infrastructure Bill Beneficiaries Index tracks the performance of 12 companies that provide investors with exposure to infrastructure companies via public equities.
Views: 1280
The munKNEE Metaverse Stocks Index tracks the stock performance of “the 10 best metaverse stocks to buy in 2022”, according to the Elliott Wave Forecast.
Views: 1110
There are only five publicly trading pure-play companies in the plant-based consumer packaged goods sector with market capitalizations of US$50M or more.
Views: 1154
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