Thursday , 22 April 2021

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These 5 Gold & Silver Equities Should Continue To Outperform

Precious metals thrive on volatility – the more uncertainty in the markets the more gains silver and gold will likely see - but how can investors make a rational decision regarding which specific stock to choose in this sector? One idea is to select those that have a positive net income. These stocks are generally safer as their costs have been normalized and are being covered by inflows of revenue and cash. The silver and gold stocks on our list today exhibit positive EPS figures, which we think will benefit its investors.

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Rick Rule: The Fed is Now "Pushing On a String"

Austrian economists have been predicting for years and years that eventually the Fed would be pushing on a string as they put more liquidity into a market that couldn’t absorb it. That may be what’s happening now. It will be very interesting to watch this development going forward.

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An Infographic on Gold Mining & Supply (+3K Views)

From ancient times to the famous gold rushes, gold was first discovered in placer deposits....Today, however, most gold comes from hard rock deposits where gold is disseminated or associated with other metals and mined either through open pit or underground mining. This infographic tells (shows) you everything you need to know about gold mining and its supply from around the world.

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