Tuesday , 18 June 2024

An Infographic on Gold Mining & Supply (+3K Views)

From ancient times to the famous gold rushes, gold was first discovered in placer deposits….Today, however, most gold comes from hard rock deposits where gold is disseminated or associated with other metals and mined either through open pit or underground mining. This infographic tells (shows) you everything you need to know about gold mining and its supply from around the world.

So says an introduction to an infographic* (part two – see part one here) from www.visualcapitalist.com which www.munKNEE.com (Your Key to making Money!) is proud to present in its ongoing endeavour to bring its readers the most informative articles/infographics in as concise a manner as possible . This paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.

The introduction goes on to say:

90% of gold produced today is recovered through the cyanide leaching process. The supply of gold comes from official sales, recycled gold, and mine production with gold discoveries declining and becoming more expensive to find. Data also shows that the grade of underground and open pit gold mines are decreasing over time.



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    If a picture is worth a thousand words then this series is Golden!

    Thanks for making this info easy for readers to learn from; if the Gold and Silver Brokers were smart they would have done this decades ago…

    People will not invest in anything they cannot understand!