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U.S. Dollar Index to Plunge; Gold & Silver to Soar! Here's Why

With President Obama being re-elected we can expect four more years of a Washington-centric controlled economy with a rolling program of borrow, print, spend and pretend; similar to the last four years....[What affect will such fiscal irresponsibility have on the U.S. dollar, gold and silver? Read on!] Words: 717

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Another Bear Market Coming? Here's How to Avoid Its Bite

Recent stock market action has brought the major indexes into at least a correction zone, if not an outright new bear market. So, if this is a new bear market, how can you dodge another bear bite? [I have 4 suggestions on how to do just that. Read on!] Words: 746

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S&P 500 "Death Cross" Now in Place! What are the Implications?

We have ongoing debt crisis talks in Europe, weak housing data in the U.S., tepid growth in Germany, and higher than expected inflation in the U.K. [and, in addition to] all this "cheerful" news, the recent "death cross" that [has occurred] on the S&P 500 Index. While a “death cross” is concerning and should be respected it does not mean the end of civilization as we know it, however. [Below are the results of a long-term study that clearly defines what the short and mid-term implications are, in fact, for the market.] Words: 700

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