Thursday , 7 December 2023

Silver: False Hopes For Higher Prices Abound (+2K Views)

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Someone said recently, “If you love gold then you absolutely have to love silver”. I disagree. [The current weakness in price action in silver, relative to gold]…decisively rejects the unrealistic expectations of many silver investors and analysts.

Unrealistic Expectations

1. Silver is primarily an industrial commodity…[and, as such,]  is quite sensitive to slowdowns in economic activity. There have been seven official recessions in the past fifty years. Silver’s price declined between 20-80% in every single one of them (see How Does Silver Perform During (and after) A Recession? You’ll Be VERY Surprised). Why would anyone expect it to be different this time? 

2. Those who tell us silver is cheap relative to gold say that silver’s price is likely to rise higher, relative to gold, going forward but…there is no fundamental basis for any [such] expectations regarding price action of silver relative to gold. The fundamentals for each are different. You can read more about the gold-to-silver ratio in my article Gold-Silver Ratio: Debunking the Myth.

Silver Technicals

Not surprisingly, the technical side appears to reinforce the lack of fundamental support for higher silver prices.@A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds

Below is a one year chart of silver prices (SLV – iShares Silver Trust ETF)…

As you can see, SLV has made consistently lower lows over the past seven months.  Last month’s plunge of fourteen percent to a new seven-month low came after a similar percentage decline in stocks that was supposed to take silver to new highs – not new lows.


There is nothing fundamental or technical which supports the calls for much higher silver prices so you might want to reconsider your bullish exuberance…
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