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Silver Has the Potential to Increase 4-Fold From Today’s Price – Here’s Why (+3K Views)

The price ratio of gold to silver has fallen precipitously in raging bull markets for the metals, so the silver price10 Ounce Silver Bullion Bars could have an upwards move at four times the rate of any gold price increase. I think that the fundamentals look better than ever, and…[that] there is an explosive move coming in 2014. [Indeed,] I think that within a reasonable time frame silver will probably trade over $100.

So says John Embry ( in edited excerpts from an interview* with Henry Bonner entitled Silver to 100 Dollars within ‘Reasonable Timeframe:’ John Embry.

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Further edited excerpts from the interview are as follows:

…The economy is really much worse than most people are prepared to admit and this will have significant ramifications on various markets…[including] gold and silver. Both of them…are considerably undervalued …[and] under-owned too. I think that the fundamentals look better than ever, and…[that] there is an explosive move coming in 2014.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

…[An] upwards charge of the precious metals would expose the policies of zero-based interest rates as an utter fraud. If interest rates rose sharply as a result, it would bring the banking system to its knees. That would have a very negative impact on society as a whole. A lot of it has to do with the law of unintended consequences. The heavy-handed actions of the Feds in the financial system will likely lead to negative unforeseen consequences. As an analyst, I look at the current situation and try to figure out what might happen, but that does not mean I want it to happen.

…The smart people who are buying gold know what is going on and very few are smarter than the Chinese in this regard. As you know, they have been buying massive amounts of gold bullion for a while, [and] this is extremely negative from the perspective of the West. As that old adage says, gold goes where the wealth is being created. What does that say about us, that we are letting a significant portion of gold head east?

The Silver Price is Grotesquely Undervalued

…We believe that JP Morgan is likely the main entity that has suppressed the silver price in the paper market but we are now hearing that they may have accumulated a large position in the physical metal. To be honest, it is hard to know what to make of it.

The silver price is grotesquely undervalued so I have to congratulate JP Morgan if they are clever enough to sell paper and buy real silver. Before this is over, there is probably going to be a ‘force majeure’ in the paper market because there are so many claims to such a small amount of silver. If that were to occur, people who owned the metal or even exchange-traded products that have a real claim to the metal would be the big winners. When this comes to light, I think the upside to the silver price will be incredible. My colleague Eric Sprott and I think that within a reasonable timeframe silver will probably trade over 100 dollars – a big move from its current price of 20 dollars an ounce.

Silver Has More Upside Potential Than Gold

…[In my view] silver has more upside than gold…[although] many, such as Jim Sinclair, might disagree with me on this… About a third of the industrial usage of silver in photography has gone away these past few years because of the rise of digital cameras and yet the industrial demand for silver has held more or less steady...Some say that silver will always be a peripheral metal to gold, even if gold becomes part of the monetary system again…[because] silver is more an industrial metal than gold.

Looking at historical gold and silver markets, [however,] the price ratio of gold to silver – currently over 60:1 – has fallen precipitously in raging bull markets for the metals, going as low as 12:1 so the silver price could have an upwards move at four times the rate of any gold price increase.

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  1. Silver moving from its current value of $20 to $80 US is less than a doubling of it all time high price and that to me is certainly no impossibility. Just think for a moment of all the other things that have gotten four times as expensive, remember when gasoline and/or diesel fuel was less than a dollar a gallon, now look at it…

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