Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Quote Of The Day

Doug Casey commenting on the past and the future:

What we experienced in the 1930s was a deflationary depression where billions of dollars were wiped out with a stock market collapse, bond defaults, and bank failures. Inflationary money that was created since the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was wiped out. Prices went down. This depression will be different because governments have much more power. They’ll try to keep uneconomic operations from collapse; they’ll prop them up, as we saw with Fannie Mae and General Motors. They’ll create more money to keep the dead men walking. They won’t allow the defaults of money market instruments. They will make efforts to maintain the dollar mark on money market funds. They’ll attempt to keep building the pyramid higher. It’s foolish, indeed idiotic. But that’s what they’ll do.

One comment

  1. So the important question is, “WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN”?

    Tomorrow, next week, next month, after the election or Next year?

    Answer that question and win the GOLD prize…