Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Now Available: A Gold & Silver Verifier To Detect Counterfeit Bars & Coins (+4K Views)

If you own physical gold or silver as your failsafe store of wealth it is prudent to “look under thefine silver fine gold cover” so that you know, not assume, that it is indeed genuine gold or silver. [Up until now there has not been an easy and inexpensive way to detect counterfeits but  a revolutionary new personal precious metal verifier has come on the market that can do just that.]

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Advanced bullion counterfeits, which are not obvious to even seasoned buyers, can be well packaged bars or coins skilfully filled with tungsten cores that mimic the real product very closely and [such counterfeits] partially rely on a retail customer’s reluctance to “open the packaging” …making them very difficult to detect by traditional means. Such advanced counterfeit bullion is often designed to thwart traditional testing tools such as weighing scales, acid, or densometers and to be sold into legitimate commerce via unsuspecting individuals, retail bullion dealers, pawnshops or jewellers so…

Samples of Advanced Counterfeits

                                                              An advanced counterfeit 10 oz gold bar valued around 12,500 USD discovered in Manhattan
Notice how the center is black tungsten surrounded by a peeled layer of real gold to pass x-ray, acid and density tests.


I was intrigued when we came across a revolutionary new personal precious metal verifier (PMV for short) which promised reliability, ease of use and modest costs for “do-it-yourself” use. We tested the device for three weeks in our testing lab and found the device to correctly identify all high-end fake tests we threw at it.

The PMV probes the inside of a bar or coin using a highly tuned proprietary variation of Electrical Conductivity Measurements (ECM) which can reliably detect inserts and impurities, even behind a layer of real gold or silver. The PMV can even probe through most bullion packaging such as plastic coin holders or plastic packaging without breaking the packaging.

The full PMV set uses three type of probes, with each being optimized for certain test sample thickness: a coin example would be placed on the PMV directly while a 10 troy oz. bar would require the dedicated bullion probe. Knowing which probe to use is the only real learning requirement for the user in its otherwise very simple operation.

I am impressed and believe that, once mass produced, these new generation testers can drastically reduce the spread of counterfeit bullion worldwide by being a strong deterrent to potential counterfeiters. The PMV is a tool that empowers private individuals and enables the industry at large to easily “look under the cover”. The tool’s mere existence makes the industry safer in a way that the financial rating agencies have failed so spectacularly at with their Collateralized Debt Obligations (CTO) ratings.

…Ownership of physical gold and silver are a great way to protect your wealth in a crisis, and reliable do-it-yourself testing [such as the PMV] will make it even more so.

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