Saturday , 15 June 2024

Market Psycholgy: Current Emotion Of ANXIETY Could Turn Into CONCERN Which Could Turn Into FEAR!

Investors are gradually becoming more anxious about trends and various political decisions. Tariffs are part of this anxiety. Interest rates are part of this anxiety. A possible market correction is also part of this anxiety. This current emotion of anxiety could turn into concern which could, in time, turn into fear. 

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Anxiety could change into concern and then concern could change into fear. Emotions are fickle and our politicians and our banking elites are unstable in their thinking. What happens at the TOP will affect all our markets as all markets are interconnected. What happens in the USA is likely to affect all our global markets over time as all markets are interconnected. Right now I witness ANXIETY everywhere.

If our leader, Mr. Trump, continues with his tariff and trade issues and if our counterparties choose to retaliate with similar trade and tariff increases, then this current emotion of anxiety could turn into concern. Concern could turn into fear (in time). We will need to watch and witness what happens in the next couple of weeks.

[That being said,] as I write this article:

  • the DOW is down some 483 points,
  • NASDAQ is down some 212 points,
  • S&P 500 is down some 55 points,
  • FTSE MIB is down some 533 points,
  • DAX is down some 309 points,
  • TSX is down some 268 points.

This is a broad indication that our markets are experiencing ANXIETY. Our big boy Central Banks will need to act if this trend continues. China is acting and I imagine the others will act this week. We will then have some idea where events are going.

Think for yourself! I am:

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