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Manage Your Money Without Breaking A Sweat – Here’s How

If you want more free time, or are just plain lazy, here are some easy ways dollar-cash-money-hundredto manage your personal finances.I  promise you won’t break into a sweat…

So says Gina Monaco ( in edited excerpts from her original article* entitled Ten ways to manage your money without breaking a sweat.

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Monaco goes on to say in further edited (and perhaps paraphrased) excerpts:

You work hard for the money but there’s no reason to work hard managing it. Who doesn’t have better things to do than to sit down, work through a budget and pay the bills so below are some easy ways to manage your personal finances.

  1. Put your bills on auto-pilot. Writing cheques is a pain. Even going online to pay them may be too much trouble. Most companies have an auto payment plan, so sign up for it. Just make sure you check your bank statement once in a while to make sure everything is working right. If you’re worried about overdrawing your account – get overdraft protection.
  2. Ditto with your savings – auto it. Set up an auto transfer to your savings account – you won’t miss the money when it sneaks into savings without your sticky fingers catching it first.
  3. Better yet, if your company has an auto payment set up for a savings vehicle, take advantage of it. You won’t even see the money and you’ll get used to a reduced paycheque
  4. If all that is still too much work – consider hiring a virtual personal assistant. For a small fee they will do all this tedious work for you…
  5. Host parties at your place. Guests bring their own food and not all of it gets eaten – so guess where it ends up? Yep, in your fridge.
  6. Don’t have enough money – ask for more. Don’t look for a side job, ask for a raise. Before you do that, spend a little time researching why you deserve a raise and how to get your boss to agree.
  7. Buddy up. Some big ticket items don’t make sense to purchase on your own if you’re only going to get minimal use out of it. So maybe hook up with a neighbour or friend to purchase things like ladders, and power tools or even lawnmowers.
  8. Better yet – just borrow the tools you need but don’t forget to return them in good, clean condition so they owner lets you borrow again.
  9. Buy the generic brand. Don’t even bother wasting your time comparing prices on everything – just buy the generic brand  – they’re usually just as good as the brand name products.
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