Sunday , 19 May 2024

It’s T-i-i-i-me! Leave the Cult Of Paper Currency & Get Some Gold

It’s time to denominate a portion of your savings in real money and not in paper currency. It’s time to leave the cult of fiat currency behind, and add some real money to your life. Your future standard of living will thank you.

For the first time in recorded history all monetary systems in the world are fiat based…[so] there’s no playbook to tell us what could happen…[which] means that risks to the monetary system are high.

…Because we live in a fiat world—where paper dollars are “money” because the government says they’re money—they can be [and are] diluted at will….to devalue debt, since it allows them to repay it in “cheaper” dollars.

You may…[think that with] consumer inflation low…a little dilution [doesn’t] matter but you’re overlooking the fact that even low inflation adds up. The U.S. dollar has lost 44.2% of its purchasing power just since the year 2000…and it’s only going to get worse…[with] almost every developed country in the world grossly diluting its currency.

What "Low" Infaltion Looks Like

The very nature of the fiat currency system gives you a LOWER standard of living. It:

  • erodes your financial stability,
  • impacts your financial breadth since it affects every dollar you spend, save and invest,
  • causes stress,
  • creates confusion,
  • and worst of all offers you no viable way out.

The common way to deal with this dilemma today is…[to] buys stocks to stay ahead but a better way to go would be to own an asset that maintained purchasing power by merely holding it….[and] the only asset that meets this criteria is gold. It’s the only asset throughout all of recorded history that has consistently met the definition of money…a reliable store of value.

Be honest with yourself.

  1. Do the dollar bills in your wallet or savings account keep up with the cost of living?
  2. Does the same stack of dollars buy as much today as it did ten years ago?
  3. How much investing—in other words, risk-taking—do you have to do to maintain your purchasing power?
  4. Are you tired of your “money” always losing value?

It’s Tiiiime!

  • It’s time to distinguish between money and currency. Dollar bills are currency, and gold is money…
  • It’s time to leave the cult of fiat currency and instead denominate a portion of your savings in real money, not paper currency, something that has no history of loss of value. Yes, the gold price fluctuates, but its value does not. An ounce of gold bought a suit 100 years ago, it will buy a suit today, and it will still buy a suit 100 years from now.
  • It’s time to leave the cult of fiat currency behind, and add some real money to your life. Your future standard of living will thank you.
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