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It's ALL Here! Why Gold is Declining and What the Future Holds


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So much has been written over the past 4 months about why the price of gold has be misbehaving that I think you will appreciate having links to all the best articles, as posted on munKNEE.com, that explain the situation from a variety of perspectives. In addition to a greater understanding of what is happening to the price of gold and why I am sure you would like to have some insights into just where the price of gold (and silver, by extension) is going in the weeks, months and years to come. To that end I have again posted links to the most enlightening articles on the subject for your review. Frankly, virtually nothing more can be written on the current and future pricing of gold than you will find in this summary article so read on and take action according to the conclusions you come to as a result of being fully informed. Words: 1975

Compiled and posted by Lorimer Wilson, editor of www.munKNEE.com (Your Key to Making Money!) and www.FinancialArticleSummariesToday.com (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds).


1. What the H – – – is Going On With Gold These Days?


What’s going on with the price of gold? It would be nice if gold always went up in a crisis but short term it can get just as burnt as everything else. [It begs the question, however,] if gold is the great anti-asset, the thing to hold when everything else is in collapse, why is it now trading…[below $1,700 and] not $2,000? What is next for gold? Words: 765

2. A Look Again At Why Gold is Falling – and What Actions You Should Take


As I see it, worsening financial crises lead initially to lower gold prices which are followed by some form of government intervention to alleviate the crises and that action, in turn, eventually results in renewed appreciation in the price of gold. The basic steps in such a transition are really quite straightforward. Let me explain. Words: 686

3. Why Is Gold Falling? Should I Buy, Hold or Sell?

Gold falls when a financial crisis worsens for 2 basic reasons which make total sense when looked at objectively. Resultant government intervention then creates the environment for a future rise in the price of gold. This article explains the causes of the downs and ups in the price of gold and offers suggestions on how and when to act. Words: 868

4. Why Have Gold & Silver Been Selling Off? Here’s the Simple Answer


Why have gold and silver have been selling off? The answer is very simple. There is a strong correlation between a strong dollar and weak commodities. The dollar is no different than anything on earth – it will always follow the path of least resistance. As the dollar grows stronger commodities sell off or become cheaper [- and gold could go down as low as $1,500/ozt. and silver down to perhaps as low as $21/ozt. before this is all over. Let me explain further.] Words: 650

5. Will Gold Drop as Low as $1,200 Before Spurting to $2,000?


In the long run developments in the financial markets and around the world seem to conspire to whip up a perfect storm for the gold price, taking it up towards $2,000 and further. That new upleg, however, could very well start from a much lower level than now. There are quite a few developments that could easily send the gold price lower in the coming months. Is $1,200 gold in the cards? Words: 739

6. Marc Faber: Gold Could Fall to $1,100


“We overshot on the upside when [gold] went over $1,900. We’re now close to bottoming at $1,500, and if that doesn’t hold it could bottom to between $1,100-$1,200.”

7. Aden Sisters: Buy Gold NOW as it Corrects on its Way to $2,000

When you just consider the downgrade of U.S. debt, the jobs problem, the housing situation, the European bank concerns and their debt crisis, the negative outlook for the global economy, not to mention that the Fed will likely seek new measures to help the economy, we just don’t see gold coming down any time soon, other than having a normal downward correction [as currently is the case. Let us show you why.] Words: 1102

8. Update on Dr. Nu Yu’s Views on Gold ($1,400?), Silver ($24?) and China/India (Perfect Storm Developing?)


The Chinese and Indian stock markets have dropped over 20% in the last 6 months meeting the common definition of a bear market. Last week both of them tumbled further to below their lows of more than two years ago contributing significantly to the recent major sell-off in gold. In fact, elevated risk of housing and credit bubbles in China and India is creating the next financial perfect storm – which does not bode well for gold or silver. Words: 632


1. Is Gold On Its Way to $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or Even Higher? These Analysts Think So


141 analysts maintain that gold will eventually reach a parabolic peak price of at least $3,000/ozt. before the bubble bursts of which 101 see gold reaching at least $5,000/ozt., 17 predict a parabolic peak price of as much as $10,000 per troy ounce of which 12 are on record as saying gold could go even higher than that. Take a look here at who is projecting what, by when and why. Words: 676

2. $10,000 Gold is Coming in 2012/13! Here’s Why


I am increasingly confident that the consequences of fragile sovereign debt, precious metals market manipulation, insufficient physical supply, and the need for a safe haven investment refuge, will contribute to rampant price inflation and drive precious metals bullion and mining stock to a parabolic peak price of $10,000 sometime in 2012 or 2013 at the […

3. Gold: Will it Go to $12,500 – $24,000 – or $39,000/ozt. – by End of Decade? Here’s the Rationale for Each


From questions whether gold is in a bubble to predictions that soaring prices are just around the corner, one thing is clear: a new phase of awareness for gold is upon us. How far might it move before these troubling times are over? [Let’s take a close look at a variety of factors and scenarios before coming to a conclusion.] Words: 5717

4. When This Pullback in Gold is Put into Perspective It’s No Big Deal – Here’s Proof


Daily and monthly gyrations in the price of gold are nothing to fret over…The price will recover and, in time, fetch new highs…Here’s proof. Words: 264

5. These Charts Say It All: GOLD Is STILL a BUY


With what is happening with the price of gold these past few days it is imperative to take a look at the long and short of it all (the trends, that is). In doing so it shows that we are still very much in a long-term bull market but in a short-term (yes, short-term) bear market. Let’s take a look at some charts that clearly outline where we are at and where we could well be going. Words: 625

6. Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth – Buy Gold Now With Both Hands! Here’s Why


Since the fundamentals still point to gold’s long-term viability… why [are] investors responding by selling gold…? I was always told not to look a gift horse in the mouth… [so] take advantage of the dip. Words: 962

7. Nothing Has Changed: The Smart Money is STILL Bullish on Gold


With continued strong investment demand for physical gold in the face of heightened macro uncertainty and unprecedented, globally-coordinated monetary stimulus and a US dollar that will continue its path lower, the best performing assets at present are gold, emerging market equities denominated in local currencies, and commodity related stocks. [Let me explain why that is the case.] Words: 560

8. Hold On! It’s Far Too Early to Sell Your Gold and Silver


We are at an important crossroads in this commodities bull market,,,[where] even the most fearless bulls are tempted to give up – to sell out of their positions and consider themselves lucky that they were able to be along for the ride and to escape with any profits at all – but I have posted a chart below to help remind you of the real danger in “getting out” now. Words: 350

9. Alf Field: Gold Going to $4,500/ozt. in Next Wave Towards Parabolic Peak


Once this present correction in gold has been completed it should [undergo] the largest and strongest wave in the entire gold bull market…to around $4,500 with only two 13% corrections along the way. [Let me explain how I came to that conclusion.] Words: 1900

10. Goldrunner: Gold on the Cusp of $3,000+: An Update


Our work with Gold is based on a “Model” off the late 70’s Gold Bull that has been replicating nicely since we started the Fractal Work with Gold back in 2002 and 2003. Short-term volatile moves in Gold, as we have seen over the past weeks, do not affect our projections based on the model, leaving the expectation of a move in Gold up to $3,000 into mid-year based intact as outlined in our previous article entitled Gold Tsunami: on the Cusp of $3000+? Words: 996

11. Gold Will Reach $3,000/$4,000/$5,000 Before This Bull Market Is Over! Here are 12 Factors Why

gold bars and coins

I believe that the price of gold will… reach… $3,000, $4,000, and even $5,000 [per troy] ounce…during the course of this long-lasting bull market, a bull market that still has years of life left to it…[although] prices will remain extremely volatile – with big swings both up and down along a rising trend…The future price of gold is a function of past and prospective world economic, demographic, and political developments [and in this article] I review some of these developments and trends – so that you can come to your own “golden” conclusions. Words: 3800

12. New Analysis Suggests a Parabolic Rise in Price of Gold to $4,380/ozt.


According to my 2000 calculations, if interest rates and inflation stay constant over the next 2 years, we could expect to see (with 95.2% certainty) a parabolic peak price for gold of $4,380 per troy ounce by then! Let me explain what assumptions I made and the methods I undertook to arrive at that number and you can decide just how realistic it is. Words: 740

13. Deja Vu? Is Gold Just in a Correcting Phase on Its Way to Parabolic Peak of $4,294?

The current volatility in the precious metals market doesn’t necessarily indicate a change in secular direction. [In fact,] if today’s gold price was to rise by the same degree over the next 14 months [as it did from the beginning of 1979 into 1980, it would hit $4294/ozt. by Jan 2013! Let me explain.] Words: 420

14. Jeffrey Nichols: Gold to Reach $1,850 – Perhaps Even $1,923 – by Early 2012!


Many market participants are wondering why [gold] is not responding more positively to Europe’s never-ending sovereign debt crisis and other worrisome economic and political developments around the world…Technical analysts say that gold must build more support in the $1,750 to $1,800 an ounce range before it can muster enough strength to sustain a meaningful and lasting rally. Sooner or later, [however,] thanks to a continuously improving fundamental picture, gold will register a sustainable advance above $1,800 an ounce, possibly never again to see prices below this level. [Let me explain why I believe strongly that that is the case.] Words: 800

15. Where are We Now in the Bull Market in Gold – and How Many Years/Months are Left?


Gold is in a bull market and, [believe it or not,] so are the gold stocks despite their struggle as a group to outperform gold… but [neither] is anywhere close to a bubble, nor the speculative zeal we saw in 2006-2007. Thus, it begs the question” “What lies ahead and when can we expect the initial stages of a bubble?” To figure this out we first need to get an idea of how long the bull market will last and then where we are now based on various indice analyses. [Below I do just that.] Words: 785

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