Sunday , 3 December 2023

Invest In the Mining Companies Eric Sprott Does – Here’s A List (+2K Views)

 If you are looking for gold companies to invest in, knowing where Eric Sprott is investing is a good place to start and we have done just that, in part, for you, in this article.

Replicating the investment ideas of a well-known investor, investment manager or investment fund is called Copy-Cat; Follow-the-Leader; “Monkey See, Monkey Do”; Mirror; or Coat-Tails investing, this form of investment strategy is called by many names. Eric Sprott is a vocal proponent of buying gold who continues to “put his money where his mouth is” having investing over $200M so far in precious metals companies and we have provided a list of 46 of these companies below:

EricSprott-Comp-TableSource: S&P Capital IQ

eResearch is pleased to publish a 37-page industry report entitled “Invest Like Eric Sprott” which can be accessed here.

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