Saturday , 15 June 2024

“Hot Money” Growing at 6.5% Annually – Here are the Culprits

Every year, roughly $1 trillion in “hot money” flows illegally out of developing and emerging economies due to crime, corruption, and tax evasion growing at an average rate of 6.5% annually (and at an 8.6% clip in Asia). China, Russia, Mexico and India lead the way as depicted in the following infographic.

How does this “hot” money leave these countries?

Global Financial Integrity, a research and advisory organization based in Washington, DC, has calculated that 83% of illicit financial flows are due to what it calls “trade misinvoicing” which is the misstating of the value or volume of an export or import on a customs invoice.

Misinvoicing is made possible by the fact that trading partners write their own trade documents, or arrange to have the documents prepared in a third country (typically a tax haven), a method known as re-invoicing. This fraudulent manipulation of the price, quantity, or quality of a good or service on an invoice allows criminals, corrupt government officials, and commercial tax evaders to shift vast amounts of money across international borders quickly, easily, and nearly always undetected.

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