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The Gold Bull grows into a parabolic form on the arithmetic chart, going higher in price per time along the way.  Thus each wave higher is “longer in price” while taking less time to play out.  The Gold parabolic move is created by the parabolic increase in Dollars being printed.

In the chart, below, we can see the first move higher in this Gold Bull in BLUE.  The 2nd Gold move higher in RED is longer and rises at a higher angled than the first blue one.  The 3rd move higher for Gold in BLACK was longer than the red one and rose at an even higher angle.  We would expect the next rise for Gold to be longer than the black move and to rise at a higher angle than the Black move.  I have placed a GREEN DOTTED ARROW to project the potential price rise for the coming wave higher in Gold.

It appears that we are very early in this new wave higher for Gold.  The fundamental basis for such a price event is the over $1.3 Trillion Dollars the Fed has already printed since December, along with the necessary QE Dollar printing to be announced over the coming days.

As more Dollars are printed, the “increased supply” of Dollars causes the market to “devalue the Dollar.”  This is especially true with world-wide demand for Dollars falling as other countries look to sell their Dollar Reserves in the face of the Dollar Devaluation created by the Fed.  As the Dollar is devalued, most everything you own is devalued along with it.  Thus, Big Smart Money saw all of this coming and accumulated Gold back along the BLUE LINE rise, the base of the Gold Bull move.  Value buyers ALWAYS create the base of Bull Markets.

The devaluation of the US Dollar leads to a “divergence in price and value”- something that most people do not understand.  In this context, different asset classes retain different levels of value at different points in the cycle; some like Gold and Silver retaining the most intrinsic value NOW, while items like the Dow will not see value return in full until after the economy recovers and earnings/ dividends reflate.  Below, are some links to other related Goldrunner articles you might wish to browse.  One article series I am in the process of developing is on “price versus value”, and Parts I and II are linked, below.




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