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Gold Bull Markets are parabolic price events caused by parabolic US Dollar printing.  As the value of the US Dollar falls, the price of Gold rises. Thus, we do NOT see the volatile swings in price for Gold like we do for paper derivatives like for Stocks.  Big money simply buys Gold, and then adds to their stash as the fundamentals of a falling Dollar continue.  The Dollar printing in the Gold Bull when the US Dollar is “free floating” with no value backing, must continue to accelerate to the end- creating the parabolic rise in Gold as the Gold price continually rises reflecting the number of lower valued Dollars that it takes to buy an ounce of Gold.

In order to devalue the massive debt, the Dollars must continue to be printed at an accelerating rate.  Thus, the rising slope of the Gold Bull will continue to accelerate like it did into 1980. The Gold Bull won’t be over until it goes pretty well vertical like it did back into 1980.  We are nowhere near the end of the Gold Bull, yet, and a comparison to the 1970’s Gold Bull suggests that Gold will rise up to the $10,000 to $12,000 level at a minimum, IF we continue to see a period of Stagflation continue like the one into 1980.

The 73 week exponential Moving average shown on the chart in red is the kind of simple indicator that can give the long-term investor the confidence to invest/ stay invested in Gold.  We can see on the chart that since the inception of the Gold Bull Market down at the “Entry for Gold Bull” label, Gold has only briefly fallen below the RED LINE 2 times.  Gold has now risen off the Red EMA support, once again, because the Fed has already printed up $1.3 Trillion Dollars that must be figured into Dollar Devaluation.  This is why Central Banks accumulated Gold at the RED LINE just above the top pointer.  The Central Banks know how many Dollars the Fed has printed since December, and the probability of the Fed printing many more Dollars.

Per a comparison to Gold at this point in the cycle in the late 70’s, the current rise in Gold will likely be the biggest rise in Gold in the History of the World.  The only thing that could stop the Gold Bull (for a brief period) is if the Fed quit printing an accelerating number of Dollars.  That would lead to a deflationary depression the size of which has never been seen by mankind.  And the only way out of it would still be a massive Dollar Devaluation that would lead to Gold going further parabolic- but with a bit of a delay.  Thus, Gold is still the no-brainer investment of a life-time, in my opinion.  The same can be said for Silver for the same reasons as above.

The time will come for general stocks, but it will come later, because Gold and Silver are seen by big money as having high intrinsic value as decided by man over thousands of years.  Go Gold?  Got Silver?

A much more extensive writing on Gold and Gold charts, where Gold might be going, and when; is linked, below, to Jim Sinclair’s site.  You will have to scroll about half way down the page, but the article is there in its entirety.

As we go further in this series on “Big Picture Gold”, we will eventually merge our thoughts with those currently being added in my series on “Price Versus Value” in the series on “Dow Stock Crash.”  I’ll post the links to Part I and Part II, below, so that you can become familiar with the concepts of “price versus value.”

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And finally, if you need a break from all of the negativity, you might want to take time out to read the following story to a younger loved one in the family.

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