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Gold Will Drop to $1,450 This Month Before a Parabolic Move to $3,950!


Based on my technical analysis gold will drop to $1,450/oz. before the end of May and then go parabolic in the next C-wave to $3,950/oz. Below is a chart of how I see the price of gold unfolding over the next while – and why.

Below is a chart of how I see the price of gold unfolding over the next while.

So says Juan Eduardo Morales Veas* (  in an exclusive posting here at www.munKNEE (Your Key to Making Money!). This paragraph must be included in all article re-postings to avoid copyright infringement.


To be a Star/Master Trader/Investor, never forget and always remember these seven principles:
  1. The trend is your friend.
  2. Let the winners run.
  3. Cut your losses quickly.
  4. Never average down.
  5. Never underestimate the strength of a trend.
  6. The big money is in the big trend.
  7. The main financial markets´s task is to deceive you.

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*Juan Eduardo Morales Veas is:
  • a Financier & Asset, Portfolio & Wealth Manager
  • the Chairman & C.E.O. of
  • a Bullion Star/Master Trader
  • an Introducing Broker to Alpari (U.K.) Limited
  • an Introducing Broker to F.x.Pro Financial Services Ltd.
  • a Referring Broker to Forex Capital Markets Limited
  • a Partnership Member of Equis International (Thomson Reuters) and
  • a Content Contributor to Bull Market Thinking &

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10. The Future Price of Gold and the 2% Factor

It is my contention that the price of gold rallies whenever the U.S. dollar’s real short-term interest rate is below 2%, falls whenever the real short rate is above 2%, and holds steady at the equilibrium rate of 2%. Furthermore, for every one percentage point real rates differ from 2%, gold moves by eight times that amount per year. So if the real rates are at 1%, gold will move up at an 8% annualized rate. If real rates are at 0%, then gold will move up at a 16% rate (that’s been about the story for the past decade). Conversely, if the real rate jumps to 3%, then gold will drop at an 8% rate. [Let me explain.] Words: 982


  1. Dear Glen and investors:

    My amazing performance of 3,439.58% in 2011, is based on my studies and experience!!!.
    If you don´t believe me, ask my Detailed Statement!!!.
    I don´t lie to anyone!!!.
    There is only one typo: letter b (low cap) is at US$1,792.70, on February, 2012.


    Juan Eduardo Morales Veas.
    Bullion Star/Master Trader.

  2. This article is one of those articles that metals investors need to read and ignore. Technical analysis doesn’t work in managed markets anyway and this is making rediculous predictions that are irresponsible and foolish. He has no idea what gold is going to do. He’s guessing. Read and run. Take a long term view and make your decisions based on that.