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Gold In 2014: Price Forecasts ($900 – $1,435) & Commentary (+3K Views)

Below are a series of forecasts and predictions of what 2014 could bring for the price of gold (as low as $900/ozt. & nogold-and-currencies higher than $1,435/ozt.) and the reasons why with interesting commentary by some individual investors and gold enthusiasts.

So presents Michael Kosares ( in excerpts from his original article* entitled The Gold Price In 2014: Forecasts And Predictions.
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Kosares goes on to say, quote:

Not that I am obsessed with forecasting and predicting, but I have provided below a nice (comprehensive) overview…

Bears Among The Financial Institutions

  • Goldman Sachs predicts “significant decline” in gold for 2014 – at least a 15% decline.
  • UBS lowered its 2014 gold forecast to a $1200 per troy ounce average. “Our expectation for weaker prices by no means suggests a straight path south. The $1200 average forecast reflects the view that the gold market will fluctuate widely as it faces the crosscurrents of an improving macro backdrop, the changing landscape of physical demand and, ultimately, the implications on mine production.”
  • Analysts at J.P Morgan Cazenove have forecast that the average gold prices to drop to $1,263 a troy ounce for 2014 and to $1,275 for 2015. The downside exacerbated by the re-emergence of producer-price hedging, the analysts said.
  • Credit Suisse: “If the gold price were to continue to retreat along its current trajectory, the metal would be trading close to $900 per troy ounce by the end of 2014.”

Bulls Among The Financial Institutions

  • Scotia Mocatta, a member of the London Gold Fix, says in its lengthy “Precious Metals Forecast 2014″ that a return to $1,435/ozt would not be too surprising, but whether prices could then move up above $1,450/ozt might be expecting too much. If they did, it would suggest sentiment is turning more bullish. Whether sentiment turns bullish next year, or further down the road is difficult to call, but at some stage given the debt situation we think it will.”
  • Merrill Lynch forecasts a $1294 average with a rise to $1350 by year-end. It says gold will under-perform silver, but that gold could trade as high as $2000 per troy ounce by 2016.
  • Germany’s Commerzbank says “The negative market sentiment towards gold is reflected in negative media reports and for the most part pessimistic price forecasts. All of this may indicate a rapid reversal of the trend. After the price has successfully bottomed out, gold ETFs should report inflows again from the second quarter, supporting the price recovery.” It also says that a pick-up in economic economy will create “stronger industrial demand in 2014” and that gold will end the year around $1400.
  • Barclays Bank, another member of the London Gold Fix, says gold will average $1350 in the first quarter of 2014 but track back to $1270 per troy ounce by year-end.

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  1. We have seen a lot of selling of gold – as of late, more than usual This pattern should continue for the next few months