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What’s In Your Wallet? Any Gold or Silver CombiBars™? (+5K Views)

CombiBars™ are precious metal bars which are constructed with predetermined breaking points so they can be separated easily without any loss of material. Indeed, they are designed such that the divisible bar can easily be carried in your wallet.

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your KEY To Making Money!)

They are being talked about on national TV or you can read more below about the complete CombiBar™ product offering and their CombiCoins which, incidentally, are legal tender investment coins of the Cook Islands.

The web site conveys the following:

The idea of detachable bullion CombiBars™ (see pictures of product here) came about in the summer of 2010 as a result of the European currency and global banking crises when more and more investors started to demand a higher number of small bars rather than few larger ones to increase their flexibility in the event of an economic crisis or to simplify future trading.

The German precious metal company ESG teamed up with the German company Heimerle + Meule and the Swiss-based gold bullion maker Valcambi SA to develop the bullion product CombiBar™ and subsequently patented the concept, name and production process. ESG granted an exclusive global licence to produce and distribute CombiBars™ outside the German and Austrian markets to Valcambi.

Valcambi was founded in 1961 and for many years was under the ownership of Credit Suisse until it was sold in 2003 to gold producer Newmont Mining and the former founders of the firm. In 2007, Mitsubishi Corporation acquired a stake in the firm. Since 2015 Valcambi has been owned by Rajesh Exports Ltd. (REL), the biggest Indian jeweler concern.

In 2011, Valcambi was granted the exclusive licence to manufacture CombiBars™ which are minted according to the Valcambi Investment Product Standard under its own name or with customized logo for large volume buyers.

Banks and precious metal dealers can place orders for 100 CombiBars and more directly at Valcambi sa in Balerna. Smaller volumes may be ordered at the Valcambi online shop at

The Valcambi SA product offering consists of:

in addition to all  standard gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars as well as coins and medals made of precious metals with either the buyers customized logo or the Valcami  corporate logo.

The advantage of buying their divisible bars instead of buying regular bullion bars or bullion coins is that:

  1. resale procedures are much easier and flexible as you can split the material for desired portions,
  2. initial financial outlay,
  3. flexibility and
  4. storage as they can easily be piled up  in a safe or deposit box.

The Purity of their precious metals products are as follows:

  • Gold products ~ 99.99%
  • Silver products ~ 99.9%
  • Palladium products ~ 99.95%
  • Platinum ~ 99.95%

The CombiBars™ concept is simple. (Peter Schiff presents a visual description which can be seen in this video.)

To break off individual rows or bars from the CombiBar™:

  1. Simply place one row between your thumb and index finger and gently bend up and down.
  2. It is now possible to easily detach the row with no sharp edges or loss of material.
  3. You can subsequently remove individual bars from the row in the same manner.

CombiCoins are legal tender investment coins of the Cook Islands.

  • The face value of each Cook Islands CombiCoin represents 10 x 1.00 Cook Islands dollars.
    • The front side of each individual coin wears an image of Queen Elizabeth II.
    • The back side of each individual coin shows the weight and purity of the coin and a classic fertility theme of the South Sea paradise.
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  1. I like the concept, it is a “golden” version of buying “Junk Silver” but has the advantage of being divided at will and it takes up much less space to store! I wonder if someone will post a followup article that details what the actual cost is vs other forms of buying PM, that way we all can determine if this is really makes sense or is it just a novelty for the Ultra wealthy.