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Economic Collapse Is a Distinct Possibility – Are You Prepared Even A Little Bit? (+2K Views)

Do you share concerns about the world today, and the path we are headed on?  Do you believe a total economic armagedeconcollapse is a real risk?  Many would say it’s a concern but doubt it’s actually going to happen. It’s always been okay, so it probably always will be, is certainly the view that most of us hold. The thing is, though, that it hasn’t always been ok and it could easily happen again. Are you prepared for such an eventuality? 

So says Richard Grainger (you-survival.com) in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled How To Survive Economic Armageddon.
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Grainger goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

In fact, the 20th Century itself could be considered apocalyptic when looked at as a whole.  Think of:

  • the wars,
  • the holocaust,
  • the genocides,
  • the stock market crashes,
  • the natural disasters,
  • the man-made disasters,
  • the terrorist attacks,
  • the human rights record,
  • and on and on.

Broadly speaking, most of us have been lucky in the Western world in the last few decades but greed, corruption and utter mismanagement of the economy is taking the world to what looks like inevitable financial oblivion, and that will affect us all…

Ever since the Gold Standard was done away with, currencies have been based on nothing other than belief.  The dollar, yen, euro and pound are based on nothing other than a belief in their value.  In the past, currencies were a receipt for physical Gold.  Today they are based on collective consensus belief in their strength.  This collective belief is fast waning due to the printing of more and more money to pay off ever increasing debts.

When belief stops due to a bigger crash than that of 2007, it will come suddenly – overnight.  The signs are there now for those that are looking, but the trigger event will take almost everyone by surprise.

Our wealth is being taken from us through this printing of more money, devaluing our own money to cover never-before-seen amounts of debt.  America is $16.5 Trillion in debt and counting.  That can never be paid back – it equates to over $50,000 per man, woman and child.  Worldwide Global Public debt is at $49 Trillion and rising by over $1 Million every 10 seconds.

Quantitative Easing (the printing of money out of thin air), is now happening in most markets as every country tries to devalue its currency to make exports more attractive.  The problem is everyone is doing the same thing.  It’s a race to the bottom, with America still on its Quantitative Easing to infinity programme.  There is not a defined amount or endpoint.  A catastrophic crash is quite simply inevitable, and it will affect everyone on the planet that uses money.

Most of us simply don’t believe the unthinkable could happen – not to us, not in the West – but every great civilization in history has fallen, without exception.  The only difference today is more people have further to fall than ever before.  Without preparation, you could be walking directly into your own Armageddon.

Most people will awaken one day to find the system has collapsed, they have no access to money with only enough food and water and essentials to last a short while, before chaos hits.

The primary concern is economic Armageddon… financial collapse.  However it is also equally valid for other scenarios too.  Consider these basic possibilities:

  1. A fuel crisis – the West is heavily dependent on the rest of the world.  Any Middle East conflict could result in supply routes cut, and then the West would be paralyzed.
    • Electricity might be switched off if coal isn’t getting to power stations, if storms disrupt supply or if supply can’t meet demand.
    • Your water might be cut off.  There could be a problem with supply due to the same electricity blackout, which would shut down water plants, or due to flooding, drought, or some form of attack.
    • Supermarkets could run out of food.  For this to happen, it simply needs a fuel crisis, and supermarkets would be empty within 3 days.  There would be no food to buy.
  2. Inability to access your money.  When the banking crisis goes full tilt and your bank collapses, how will you get your money?  It happened in Argentina at the turn of the century.  It happened with Northern Rock in 2007.  It happened in Cyprus.  These are early warning signs, as major economies are today at risk.  There is a time coming when no government will be able to bail out a bank, and the Government’s guarantee on individual’s deposits, already largely meaningless, will mean nothing when the Government itself is bankrupt. Widespread panic will induce mass drawing of cash out – it may be rationed to $20 a person a day, before running out.
  3. Civil unrest.  Remove money and food and you can imagine that you may need to leave your home if you’re in a city.  Cities will become extremely unsafe when people have no food and are desperate.

…Preparing for economic Armageddon is not meant to scare.  It is positive in nature in that if you follow the advice here then you will be in the best possible position to weather out any crisis, whether that be a short term natural disaster or a longer term economic one…Follow them; make the preparation fun where you can.  There is nothing here that is a major challenge.

Most people will not see economic Armageddon coming and will be utterly blindsided, with consequences (no water, food, power, money, in a rioting town) that don’t really bear thinking about.  You can be prepared – if you so choose.

[Editor’s Note: The author’s views and conclusions in the above article are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original post. Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor.]

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  1. Reposted from: https://munknee.com/a-look-back-at-the-performance-of-gold-vs-stocks-in-times-of-crisis/#comment-88625

    In any crisis, by definition things are not normal, so to expect that everything fiscal is going to be normal is insane. Those that are responsible for the value of their own portfolio’s and especially those that are responsible for the values of the portfolios of others, need to have a plan in place to protect both themselves and the portfolios they manage. It may sound strange but if your are unprotected, that leaves the portfolios you administer unprotected, since you are unable to oversee them during what probably will turn out to be a very important period.

    That said, those that own accounts that are managed by only one person also need to ask themselves what could happen to their portfolios if their portfolio Manager became unable to manage them during a crisis?

    If you enter a hospital for surgery they now ask you if you have a final directive and if so, they ask for a copy of it just in case, because if you don’t have a plan in place you are leaving very important decisions up to someone that is completely unknown to you!

    Likewise, all portfolio Managers should always have at least one backup person identified to step in should the portfolio Manager become unable to make important decisions and I’d add that the time period that passes before this replacement happens should be short enough so that even in a crisis, the portfolio is as well protected as possible by a Manager who is monitoring the crisis. This concept is no different from a vessel at sea during a big storm, when the Captain is “at the helm,” the vessel has the best chance to weather the storm.

    I wish everyone smooth sailing!