Tuesday , 5 March 2024

Does Your Sports Team Rank As One Of The World’s 10 Most Valuable?

By analyzing the graphic below of the top 50 most valuable sports teams around the world we can get a better understanding of how much the world’s most popular sports teams are worth, and how much of an impact they have on the global economy. 

Every year, Forbes reveals its list of the world’s most valuable sports teams [and] we have used that data to create the easy-to-read graphic below. The graphic not only ranks the most valuable global sports teams, but also shows us the most valuable teams in each of the world’s major sports leagues…

…More than half of the top 50 most valuable sports teams are NFL teams…(accounting for 3 of the top 10 most valuable)…with NBA franchises taking up 9 spots, major league baseball 8 and soccer franchises 8.

Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World:

1. Dallas Cowboys: $5 billion [football] 2. New York Yankees: $4.6 billion [baseball] 3. Real Madrid: $4.24 billion [soccer] 4. Barcelona: $4.02 billion [soccer] 5. New York Knicks: $4 billion [basketball]…

The above excerpt is taken from the original article by HowMuch.net and has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) for the sake of clarity and brevity.