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Cyprus is a Trial Balloon for the NWO – Buy Gold to Protect Yourself (+2K Views)

“Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.”  It was over 200 years ago when Mayer Amschel Rothschild boldly made that statement, and the international banking cartel has been perfecting their financial controls ever since. Cyprus is a trial balloon for the NWO [New World Order], taking a small country that can more easily be controlled, putting the financial screws to bank depositors and then watching how it all unfolds, creating a playbook for future bank raids… If anyone thinks this [was] a one-time, knee-jerk response, the Bank of Cyprus is offering a free toaster for new deposits as a reminder that your money will be toast.   

So writes Michael Noonan ( in edited excerpts from his original* article entitled Gold And Silver – The Stakes Just Got Higher.

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Noonan goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Cyprus is a trial balloon for the NWO [New World Order], taking a small country that can more easily be controlled, putting the financial screws to bank depositors and then watching how it all unfolds, creating a playbook for future bank raids. How did the people react?  Where will we need to deploy armed police or military?  Did keeping the banks closed for a longer period of time force an adjustment of inevitability/acceptance?  How much more can we get away with from this learning process?

Just two weeks prior to this new form of stealing, the Cyprus banks were given a total pass on stress tests from the same unelected banking officials who all of a sudden determined these banks were now unsound and drastic measures were needed to save it from drowning in debt. Those drastic measures?  Issuing even more debt, of course.  Either accept our terms or we will bury you, say the ECB, EU, IMF, and a special shout-out from Germany.

What [all] this tells you is that your money is no longer safe in any financial institution, in any country.  The banking cartel smells new blood, easy prey: direct confiscation of deposits. What everyone now knows, or should, is that all money deposited into a bank becomes an unsecured loan.  This is the earliest warning you will ever receive.  You no longer control or own your money, once you deposit it into the hands of financial hyenas.

We cannot repeat often enough [how imperative it is] to buy physical gold and silver, and [that] you must hold it yourself.  Why?  Last week, we posted a short, but significant article about someone’s safe deposit box raided by the CIA, and two dozen gold Krugerrands were confiscated. Which is more surprising, a confiscation of bank depositors funds, in a foreign country, or a raid of a safe deposit box, right here in this country?  Think it cannot/will not happen here?  [Short article, ]

The stakes just got higher, in more ways than most are aware, and they will continue to ratchet higher with each passing week.  The time frames are shrinking.  Do not allow yourself to get lulled into complacency. It is up to everyone to make their own choices, (choosing not to choose is a choice), and  there is now concrete evidence of how choices will be made for those who make none to protect themselves.

IF YOU DO NOT HOLD, YOU DO NOT OWN IT!  You can now remove the word “safe” from safe deposit box.

It no longer matters what price you pay to buy physical gold and silver, and current “gift” prices cannot last by virtue of Western bankers’ destruction of all currencies under their control.  The hidden price for not directly owning gold and silver just went up, and it will not stop, at least not in a non-painful way.  Central bankers have their thieving backs to the wall, and they will stop at nothing – nothing – to control everyone and everyone’s money. Here is another article on clamping down in Viet Nam, where gold has been too popular. (Viet Nam, Gold, And Central Bankers, , just for background).

The best defense is a strong offense.  All central bank financial institutions have been making a very clear statement through actions taken against depositors, of every kind. Once more, buy as much physical gold and silver as you can.  Weigh that action against the inaction of leaving funds on deposit that are subject to bankers’ whim, all in the service of saving the same financial system that brought on the coming financial collapse.

There are 1,001 opinions  on what is going on in the gold/silver markets but the one that counts the most comes from the market itself….[and, while] we can make a case for a rally from current levels, it would have to demonstrate wider ranges up on increased volume and continued high-end closes [see HERE].  Even with that, there is still substantial overhead resistance that must be over come, and rest assured that central bankers will not give up their grip on these markets, unless forced to do so.  We see nothing in that manner, yet.

We are now seeing events unfolding that scream, Buy Physical Gold And Silver, much more than the charts are currently indicating [Go HERE to look at what the charts have to say in some detail in the balance of this article], and it is precisely these events that will eventually be reflected in substantially higher prices on the charts.  Take heed.

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  1. I’d suggest that the title should have been “Buy Silver & Gold to protect yourself”, since I believe that Silver will outshine (pun intended) Gold…