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China Replacing America As Center of New World Order Empire

China at the Center of a Bloodless Coup in America! China Replacing AmeChinrica As the Center of a New World Order Empire


The flags along Constitution Avenue tell you everything you need to know – America has been sold out… The globalists… are sharpening the knives and preparing to unleash the bloodletting as the dying carcass of America is dragged into line to facilitate the global management of the planet. Words: 670

So say Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones ( in an article* reformatted and edited […] below by Lorimer Wilson, editor of, for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Please note that this paragraph must be included in any article reposting to avoid copyright infringement. Watson and Jones go on to say:

Not satisfied with a hemorraging trade deficit with China that continues to bleed millions of American jobs, a crumbling manufacturing base being replaced by the endless import of cheap slave goods from the Communist


state, and a stunted economy being rapidly outpaced by the Red Dragon, the Obama administration wanted to further drill it in to Americans who the new boss is  by placing Chinese flags throughout Washington DC… [during the state visit of China’s] President Hu Jintao.

Every American Family Owes $12,000 to China!

Everyone is painfully aware of the fact that China now owns the United States economically, with the Chinese central bank being the largest debt holder at approaching $1 trillion dollars. The average American family with two children collectively owes around $12,000 to China. The Communist state’s ownership of long term U.S. Treasury Securities means the United States pays upwards of $100 million dollars a day to China in terms of interest alone.

China Wants To Replace the Dollar With A New Global Monetary System

Meet The New Boss: China Owns The United States redflag

China’s huge accumulation of U.S. dollars gives it the sway to lead the United States by the nose like a sheep to slaughter, holding in its hands the power to decide the economic destiny of the now collapsing American empire. The culmination of this process moved a step closer this week when Hu Jintao made it clear that China was preparing to sharpen the knife for the bloodletting to begin, by deriding the dollar as a “product of the past” and signaling its replacement with a new global monetary system based around the Chinese yuan.

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This transition is only becoming more obvious with the continuing fire sale of crucial infrastructure to the Red Dragon. Alex Jones’ first documentary film America: Destroyed By Design, made in 1997, warned Americans that the sell-out to the Chinese was the first step on the road to the sacking of the American economy and pulling the plug on key U.S. infrastructure in the move towards global management of the planet. 

A Bloodless Coup Is Underway in America!

The figures don’t lie – after a 20 year process of gradual sellout overseen by Clinton, Bush and now Obama – China owns America. However, to have that notion aggressively reinforced by the plethora of Chinese flags that invaded DC this week goes beyond mere pomp and ceremony. This is meant to send a message to Americans that:

the United States is being hollowed out and swallowed up by the globalists, and that the center of the new world order empire will be transferred to Communist China in a bloodless coup…

* (Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison and author of “Order Out of Chaos”.)

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