Thursday , 13 June 2024

Check Out These SMALL Cap Stocks with BIG Insider Buying

“Insider buying can be a strong indication of a mismatch between the current trading share price of stock-indices-7a firm and its intrinsic value (what the shares should be trading at). Management, by far, has the best understanding of their business, and hence most often have the best opinions about valuation. Thus, purchasing their own stock is often a good sign for investors, which could be the case for shareholders of the companies on our list today.”  Source:

  1. Trican Well Service (TSE:TCW), with a market cap of $225mm, is a Canada-based oilfield services company, which provides specialized products, equipment, services and technology for use in the drilling, completion, stimulation and reworking of oil and gas wells in Canada, the United States and International operations, made up of Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Norway. The Company has three operating divisions: Canada, the United States and International.

Net Insider Buying Volume: 257mm shares

Here are 3 other such small cap stocks with BIG insider buying:

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