Tuesday , 21 September 2021


Sean Mason: “Why I Love the Stock Market”

I’ve studied the stock market with a passion that borders on obsession so I’ve decided to share my thoughts, experiences, failures and successes in buying and selling stocks exclusively with the readers of munKNEE.com (Your Key to Making Money!) over the coming weeks.

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GDXJ Repositioning to Create “Fire Sale” Opportunity in Gold Stocks (+4K Views)

I believe a major issue with VanEck's Junior Gold Miner ETF (GDXJ) will create an opportunity to buy some of the world’s most valuable junior gold companies for pennies on the dollar all thanks to a coming tsunami of selling that has nothing to do with the companies themselves. Frankly, I expect the opportunity around the corner will be so big that I’m getting millions of dollars of my own money ready to deploy

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