Thursday , 13 June 2024

5 Great Sites for Dividend Investors (+2K Views)

…The goal of The Dividend Manager website is to provide investors with the ideas and facts they need to make informed decisions. With that being said, there are plenty of other fantastic blogs out there that deserve a look. Here are 5.

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sure dividend

SureDividend is a great blog for detailed, consistent dividend material. The website features tons of articles on all of your favorite dividend companies, as well as stock analysis, company comparisons, high yield dividend options, and “how to” type pieces.

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focus divs

Focus on Dividends is a great blog that offers quick, informative reads for investors. The blog includes content on dividend ideas, analyst upgrades and downgrades, suggested dividend picks, and sector analysis.

The website also has a Stock Ratings section, where analyst moves are all posted in one spot. Insider trading activity is also listed as a helpful tool for investors.

growth is a great blog that gives investors a daily dose of dividend picks and ideas. The blog features analysis, stock specific posts, general commentary and offers the transparency of the author’s own portfolio.



Diligent Dividend is a relatively new blog…[that] highlights the actions of a young dividend trader, and its ups and downs.

The blog features dividend stock considerations, the author’s purchase, and a whole new perspective for some investors.

dividend earner

Dividend Earner is a great blog for investors interested in Canadian dividend stocks. It is also a great general dividend website, that provides basic information on investing and how dividends work.

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