Tuesday , 21 March 2023


Latest Silver Price Forecasts: $30 to $100!

In the past month, 7 more analysts have forecast that silver should reach $30 per troy ounce, or so, in 2022 with 3 of them forecasting a peak of $100 or more in 5 years' time. Below is a list of the most recent analyst projections with hyperlinks to the source.

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You Should Seriously Consider Investing In Gold & Silver – Here’s Why

No doubt you have read that gold and silver are “real money” and safeguards against future economic collapse but beneath all the sensational headlines, what’s the real story? Should you invest in gold and silver or, are precious metals a good investment right now? Here are 12 compelling reasons to invest in gold and silver.

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Silver’s Fuse Is About To Be Lit

It would not be surprising if Fed tapering started in early 2022 and became more aggressive during the year and this could easily be the fire that lights the fuse of the Silver rocket.

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