Saturday , 10 June 2023

Debt & Deficits

What Will the Catalyst Be For the Coming Economic Cataclysm? Here Are Some Suggestions

The world is in a mess economically, financially, politically and morally. The excesses and moral decadence of the magnitude the The world is experiencing today can never vanish in an orderly way. Sadly, only a total economic collapse can solve the problem and this is, of course, inevitable. No government, no corporation and no individual can or will ever repay the $250 trillion debt that is owed.

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How Americans View Recent Trade With Canada & China

Most people are not experts on the subject of trade so perceptions of trade relationships in the public eye are still a crucial indicator of how one's country is doing vs. each other. If the majority of Americans think they are getting the short end of the stick on international trade, this sentiment ultimately affects how politicians campaign, how policy decisions are made, and the success of the wider economy. Today’s chart, breaks down the data from a recent Gallup poll on how Americans view the country’s trade relationships.

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