Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Debt & Deficits

History Strongly Suggests Tax Cuts Would Revive GDP & Fuel Market Gains (+2K Views)

...According to Bloomberg ("White House: Cohn-Led Tax Plan is Real and it's Phenomenal," February 10, 2017), Trump's tax plan, to be released in two or three weeks, will be "the most comprehensive business and individual tax overhaul since 1986." That's saying something, since the landmark 1986 tax bill cut many deductions and reduced the top rate to 28% for the rich, 15% for the middle class, and 0% for the poor.

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Expected Benefits of Trump’s Tax Plan (+2K Views)

The world of taxation at the personal and corporate level is about to go through a radical overhaul. For the most part, in my view, the forthcoming changes will be positive. With a Republican House and Senate, Mr. Trump has a good shot at having a good number of his tax reforms enacted.

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Economic Collapse Is A Near-Certainty & We’re Fast Approaching the Final Stage

...Whenever a country (or countries) creates debt that is beyond the level that they can ever repay, an economic collapse is a near-certainty. Today, many jurisdictions, particularly, the US, EU, UK, Canada, etc. have created debt that is far beyond anything the world has ever seen. This assures us that the corresponding collapse will be of epic proportions.

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Charts Show Federal Budget Still Within the Range of “Salvation”

The deterioration of the federal budget began in slow fashion over a year ago, and it's now become obvious. The deficit is still quite manageable but spending is firming while revenues are stagnating. The public sector is growing while the private sector struggles. Here are some updated charts that speak for themselves:

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A Visualization of the Size of the U.S. National Debt

When numbers get into the billions or trillions, they start to lose context. The U.S. national debt is one of those numbers. It currently sits at $19.5 trillion, which is actually such a large number that it is truly difficult for the average person to comprehend so today’s data visualization plots the U.S. national debt against everything from the assets managed by the world’s largest money managers, to the annual value of gold production.

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