Sunday , 2 October 2022


New Global Reserve Currency (SDR) Poised To Replace USD

Last December the IMF announced that the Chinese yuan would be included in the basket of currencies used to determine the value of a new global reserve currency called the Special Drawing Right (SDR), or world money. Now, less than four weeks following the G20 Summit, the yuan will officially join the SDR making up over 10% of the SDR. With China onboard, the SDR is poised to become the de facto global reserve currency.

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U.S. Dollar to Strengthen into 2017 – Here’s Why

The chart below shows the US Dollar Index value during the past 44 years (1972-2016). It is imperative to notice the two peak values occurred 16 years apart (1985 and 2001), when the US dollar had soared +101% and +50%, respectively. Consequently, if one assumes the 16 year cycle will indeed repeat, then the greenback may well again rise to a peak in 2017. Moreover, if we assume the US$ could rise the average of the two previous peaks, then we might see it peak next year (2017) to +75%.

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Exodus From U.S. Dollar Has Begun – Got Gold? (+2K Views)

Before the U.S. dollar became the world's reserve currency that honor was held by Britain, then France, the Netherlands, Spain & Portugal and the U.S. dollar is no less susceptible to succumbing to the same change. In fact, many nations have been actively turning their back on the dollar over the past decade.

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Implications of Declining Dollar Will Be Major (+2K Views)

Western central banks, by debasing their currencies, have produced little more than financial ammunition for speculation on a grand scale. We saw the effect of a flood of this accumulation into the dollar over the last 18 months, and we are about to see the opposite effect as it ebbs away. What will the implications be?

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