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Today’s Top Articles March 12, 2012
“The following articles have just been posted due to their exceptionally informative content and were edited, abridged and reformatted, where necessary, to provide you with a fast and easy read. Enjoy!”
An Inflation Inferno is Expected – but When?
Daniel Thorn­ton, an econ­o­mist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, argues that the Fed’s pol­icy of pro­vid­ing liq­uid­ity has “enor­mous poten­tial to increase the money sup­ply,” result­ing in what The Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Eco­nom­ics blog calls “an infla­tion inferno.” [Personally,] I think it’s too soon to make sig­nif­i­cant changes to a port­fo­lio based on infla­tion fears. Here’s why. Words: 550
A Look Back at the Performance of Gold vs. Stocks in Times of Crisis
We are in the midst of turbulent times, and it seems inevitable that things can only get worse. Most investors are of the opinion that gold is one of a very few areas of safety…however, when we look at historical charts, it is obvious that gold doesn’t always behave in the way we would expect. [Let me explain.] Words: 541
Physical Gold and Gold Stocks Should be in Your Portfolio – Here’s Why
Do you own enough gold and silver for what lies ahead? If 10% of your total investable assets (i.e., excluding equity in your primary residence) aren’t held in various forms of gold and silver, we…think your portfolio is at risk. Here’s why. Words: 625
The New Retirement Model is NO Retirement! Here’s Why
Welcome to the new model of retirement. No retirement. In 1983 sixty two percent (62%) of American workers had some kind of defined-benefit plan. Today less than 20% have access to a plan. The majority of retired Americans largely rely on Social Security as their de facto retirement plan [and the 35 and younger cohort are not able to save, or save enough, to eventually retire. True retirement is now a thing of the past except for a privileged few. Let me support this claim.] Words: 1091
Neither Government Nor Media Care About America’s GROWING Deficits – Here’s the Latest
Does anyone believe the government cares about deficits? Does the American media care? If they do, why don’t you read reports like the following? Words: 970
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