Sunday , 14 April 2024

Buffett: Become Worth At Least 50% More Than You Are Now! Here’s How

“Legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffett has a tip for young people: Invest in yourself. Focus on learning how to write and speak clearly. It’s one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now.”

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of – Your KEY To Making Money! 

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“The advice is something Buffett has learned firsthand.

“I was terrified of public speaking when I was in high school and college…so I took a public speaking course at Dale Carnegie…”I actually have the diploma in the office…I don’t have my diploma from college, I don’t have my diploma from graduate school, but I have got my Dale Carnegie diploma there because it changed my life.”

…”If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark — nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world but you have to be able to transmit it…and the transmission is communication.”…”

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