Wednesday , 6 December 2023

Bock and Rickards Agree: Governments Want Gold to Go Higher!

James G. Rickards, author of the current best seller Currency Wars, is so informed and articulate that he is almost scary in his clarity. He is the only person who essentially says what I have been saying about the “hidden” intent of the US Treasury and Central Bank – to deliberately weaken the US dollar and to cause price inflation, all in the interests of improving US competitiveness and to pay debt through financial repression. Ergo…they indirectly want and will cause the price of precious metals to escalate. Words: 398

So said Arnold Bock in a personal email to me today.

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1. Below is a link to Bock’s article on governments’ need for a much higher gold price:

Governments Will Want – Will NEED – Much Higher Gold Prices! Here’s Why


That governments will want – and will NEED – much, much higher gold and silver prices in the future is counter intuitive, given that they have done everything within their power to throttle back and to keep a lid on bullion prices. Let me explain why. Words: 1300

2. Below is a link to Rickards’ comments on King World News recently:

Rickards: Gold May Super Spike as We See the End of the Dollar





They (the Fed) really want to trash the dollar. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the Fed wants gold to go higher. They just want it to go up in a controlled way, they don’t want to see a super-spike. We may get a super-spike anyway just because of panic buying.

3. Bock’s article on “financial repression” is linked below:

“Financial Repression” May Soon Become Our Worst Nightmare! Here’s Why

A new financial policy initiative known by the label “Financial Repression” may soon become our worst nightmare. ‘Repression’ rhymes with ‘depression’ which could be what we have to look forward to as rampant price inflation and permanently lower living standards take hold. Get ready to be conscripted into a citizen army assembled for the greater cause of saving the nation from being swamped by a tsunami of debt. Let me explain. Words: 1585